SOLVED! How To Fix “Text Services Framework Is Not Running’’

If you run Windows troubleshooters and receive a result that says “Text Services Framework is not running”, corruption is usually the one responsible. About solutions, you should restart your computer, perform a SFC scan in Command Prompt and so on. Read to the end to learn what must be done to bring Text Services Framework back to work.

The Usual Suspects

  • The most common cause is that the Text Services Framework files might be missing or corrupted. This can happen if you’ve installed an application that’s not compatible with the Text Services Framework, or if the Text Services Framework has been damaged by a virus or malware.
  • One possibility is that there is an issue with the Text Services Framework service itself – for example, it may not be started, or it may be encountering errors.
  • Another possibility is that there is a problem with the way that Text Services Framework is interacting with other services or applications on your computer.
  • There may be a conflict with another application or service that is preventing Text Services Framework from running correctly.

What Must Be Done


If Text Services Framework is not running on your computer, you can try a few different things to fix the issue. First, try restarting your computer. This might fix the problem if it’s a temporary issue.

Make Use Of Command Prompt 

If you’re still having issues, try running a System File Checker scan to repair any corrupted system files. To do this, open a Command Prompt with administrator privileges and run the command “sfc /scannow”

Note: If SFC scan fails to fix the issue, you could run some other commands:

  • Step 1- In Command Prompt (ADmin), type the command in the box and press Enter (Command: schtasks /Change /TN “Microsoft\Windows\TextServicesFramework\MsCtfMonitor” /Enable)
  • Step 2- After Then Type this code and click Enter (Command: schtasks /Run /TN “Microsoft\Windows\TextServicesFramework\MsCtfMonitor”)
  • Step 3- After both the commands have been correctly executed, please close the console.
  • Step 4- Restart the computer/pc and then check.

How Do I Enable The Text Service Framework?

To enable the text service framework, first open the Settings application and select “General.” From there, select “Accessibility” and then “Text Services.” Under “Text Services,” ensure that the “Enable Text Service Framework” option is checked. If it is not checked, check it and then close the Settings application.

What Does The Text Services Framework Do?

The text services framework is a library that helps developers create applications that can process and render text documents. It includes features for handling character sets, spell checking, hyphenation, and other text-related tasks.

What Are Some Common Issues With The Text Services Framework?

There are a few common issues with the text services framework. One is that it can be difficult to configure and get working properly. Another issue is that the framework is not always very reliable, and sometimes fails to deliver messages or send them in a timely manner. Additionally, the framework can be quite complex and difficult to use for novice developers.

Can I Use The Text Services Framework With MVVM Light? 

Yes, you can. The Text Services Framework is completely compatible with MVVM Light.

How Do I Keep My Computer Up To Date?

You should regularly check for updates and install them when they are available. Keeping your computer up to date will help ensure that the text services framework is running correctly.

A Guide For Beginners

  • Keep your computer up to date by regularly checking for updates and installing them. when they are available.
  • Make sure the correct version of the text service framework is installed.
  • Save enough disk space and memory to run the text service framework.
  • Regularly scan your computer for malware and viruses
  • Disable unnecessary programs or services running in the background.

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