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Welcome to Milagro Mobile Marketing, a website of Sezer Arslan that deals with everything from reviews of apps to tips and tricks for phone & Windows PC owners. Milagro Mobile Marketing provides tutorials, fix guides, and tips to use Android, IOS, and Windows devices worldwide with our hands-on experience.

We at Milagro Mobile Marketing prioritize the benefits of the readers so we never include dishonest advertisements, unverified rumors, biased opinions and so on in our articles. In addition, by investing time and effort in research, our writers could create quality articles with all of the important stuff emphasized. Because of that, you should be able to grasp the information you seek with relative ease on our site. Lastly, one of the Milagro aims is to stay relevant so we update our articles from time to time.

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What You Can Find On Milagro Mobile Marketing

At first glance, Milagro seems to host quite a few articles but in general, you would come across four types of pieces: how-to, introduction, list and hint.


As the name suggests, How-To articles show readers the steps to reach a goal from start to finish. To get the message across, our writers stick to simple words which minimize the odds of people becoming confused while following the steps. Moreover, the presence of pictures in articles of the type means you have an easy time tracking your progress. That is by all accounts a big plus if you have yet to master the settings of your device.


To put it plainly, we at Milagro write Introduction articles to help readers familiarize themselves with applications, settings, devices, etc. Usually, articles of the type contain a summary of classifications, features, performance, … so all it takes is one look to grasp the fundamentals. Aside from that, since Introduction articles even incorporate interesting facts about the subjects, readers won’t feel bored. Thus, such articles prove popular among mobile users, novices and veterans alike.


From popular apps to shopping criteria, List articles on Milagro provide readers with quite a few references before making a decision. For each item in articles of the type, our writers would explain key characteristics in detail so people know what to make of it. Also, by including easy-to-understand examples, List articles allow readers to grasp the meaning of the text in a matter of moments. Needless to say, the viewing rate of these articles is high with readers leaving positive comments on a regular basis.


The mobile world grows by the seconds so there may be times that you could use recommendations on certain topics. Created for such occasions, Hint articles pack a wide range of tips and tricks that should come in handy if used correctly. Additionally, to match the ever-changing requirements of readers, articles of the type integrate inputs from comments. As a result, the interactivity of Hint articles on Milagro is high compared to their contemporaries on other sites.

Future Plans Of MilagroMobile Marketing

Milagro is a personal venture of Mr. Arslan who simultaneously wants to deliver technical assistance via the site and use it to offer consulting services. While changes of plans happen all the time, we at Milagro have several ideas in mind for our heading.

First, to get the manpower to cover the expanding list of concerns of today’s phone owners, we would like to hire a number of writers. Though we have some candidates, it’s going to take a bit of time to assess their skills, bring them up to speed, etc. Second, our language of choice is English as we target people living in America, Europe and other countries but more languages may be available soon. Third, to ease navigation, we intend to implement a new system of tags so readers could enjoy their favorite topics with one click


Technical Expert 

Sezer Arslan

As an Android Developer, Mr. Arslan possesses extensive knowledge about software development lifecycle: designing, developing, testing, debugging and so on. Needless to say, Mr. Arslan is able to come up with high-quality assessments regarding mobile technology. Mr. Arslan is eager to help those in need of technical assistance as well which is why he set up Milagro.


Taush Sampley

Experienced Mobile Developer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in Android/Kotlin, iOS/Swift, Node.js/TypeScript. Strong engineering professional strengthening my foundations at Oklahoma State University. My

Anagha Damodaran

Willing to go for an extra mile without a second thought if that gets the job done, Miss Damodaran is a key asset to the Milagro team. Thanks to her expertise in Android developments, Miss Damodaran could write top-notch pieces about the Linux-based operating system. Furthermore, by including her own experience in the articles, Miss Damodaran provides outstanding insights into the topics.

Graduated from California State University with a BS in Computer Science, Mr. Kaplunov is well-versed in apps, network, security, … Thus, the works of Mr. Kaplunov captures the interests of people wanting to know what is going on inside their devices at the moment. Since Mr. Kaplunov always pays special attention to details, he manages to maintain a high level of accuracy across his articles.

Andrew Edgar

Patient, careful and hardworking, Mr. Edgar is the one that everyone at Milagro could count upon to tackle multi-complex subjects. Besides that, owing to his experience as an Android Developer, Mr. Edgar is familiar with the settings, features and performance of Android OS. Because of that, Android users tend to find articles penned by Mr. Edgar to be informative.


Alain Pimentel

Capable of describing complicated topics in a way that ordinary people could understand, Mr. Pimentel receives a shower of praise from our readers. Mr. Pimentel also works well with others so we at Milagro appreciate his contribution to the site. Last but not least, Mr. Pimentel sends us updates for his articles which tell a lot about his dedication.

Alex Blass

With a passion to solve challenging obstacles, Miss Blass is recognized by many for her talents in analyzing causes of mobile issues and their solutions. Unsurprisingly,  those whose devices have acted up out of the blue hold works of Miss Blass in high esteem. In addition to that, depending on the requirements, Miss Blass is able to produce pieces either on her own or in a team.

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