SOLVED! Premiere Pro Won’t Open

If you have to edit videos from time to time, you must have heard of Adobe Premiere Pro and what it could do. While a wide range of video editing programs exists nowadays, Adobe Premiere Pro holds the top spot in terms of utility. Still, it can be quite frustrating when Premiere Pro won’t open for some reason and interrupt your workflow. Let’s take a look at the causes of that issue and ways to solve it.

Premiere Pro Not Opening: Possibilities

It’s simple to address errors on your computer if you have an idea about what might have gone wrong. Every time you notice that Premiere Pro won’t open, it’s suggested that you consider the possibilities down below. 


Have you installed the latest updates for your version of Premiere Pro? Similar to its contemporaries, Adobe Premiere Pro receives updates from time to time that fixes bugs, refine features, etc. That means if you use an obsolete version of Premiere Pro, you may come across issues as you use it. 


If Premiere Pro is up-to-date, it is possible that your operating system is the one giving you a hard time. The OS  manages the operation of everything on computers so if it acts up, programs tend to go haywire. 


For ease of convenience, it’s common for people to change the settings of programs here and there. Still, it’s worth pointing out that if you customize the settings carefreely, the performance of programs suffers. Unable to get Premiere Pro to run regardless of what you do? Then it’s strongly recommended that you give settings some thought. 


To put it plainly, outdated drivers can impair the operation of programs. In the case of Premiere Pro, it cannot run on computers with obsolete drivers (graphics, sound, and so on). 


Adobe Premiere has some additional plugins that enhance the video editing quality with new features. These plugins can also cause problems in launching the app.

Actions To Take

Update Premiere Pro

Using the latest Premiere Pro version ensures better performance since the latest updates always have optimal stability. Sign in to your Adobe account then download the latest version at the earliest opportunity. Also, while you could download the program from the Internet, stick to reputable sites for good measure.


Your version of Premiere Pro is the latest but do you have trouble opening it? In that case, your system could be responsible for the issue. The ultimate solution for system issues is to restart the PC. When your computer comes back on, launch Premiere Pro again and see how things turn out.

Reset Settings 

Adobe Premiere Pro allows the customization of the length of default transitions, brightness, colors of the label, audio settings, etc. If Premiere Pro won’t open out of the blue, it’s wise to reset the settings to default values. 

  • Step 1: Go to My Computer, open the C: disk and choose Documents 
  • Step 2: Select Adobe, pick Premiere Pro and open your current version
  • Step 3: Choose your Profile, open Adobe Premiere Pro Prefs, and move everything in there somewhere else. 

Take A Look At Drivers

Cannot recall the last time you updated the drivers of your computer? Then you should update each of the drivers to ensure that they don’t interfere with the performance of Premiere Pro.

Uninstall Third-Party Plugins

You might have to reconsider the installation of third-party plugins and delete some to ensure the smoother operation of Premiere Pro. Here’s how to uninstall the plugins:

  • Step 1: Go to My Computer – C:
  • Step 2: In the Program Files, Open Adobe folder – Common
  • Step 3: Check out the Plugin folder. If you suspect a specific plugin that you recently installed, search by its name and delete it.

Take OS Into Account 

If your computer runs on Windows OS, make sure that you have installed all the latest updates. Many Windows 10 users cannot open Premiere Pro because they neglect system updates.

Update Windows Visual C++ Libraries

Premiere Pro won’t open if there’s an issue with Microsoft Visual C++ Libraries. If you get an error code like 0xc000007b, you need to update the Visual C++ Libraries from the Microsoft site.

Make Use Of Task Manager

If another instance of Premiere Pro is running in the background, it can cause errors. Thus, you should open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc keys together to all apps running at the moment. If you see Premiere Pro in the list, close it then launch the application again.

What Are The System Requirements For Premiere Pro?

For a smooth function, your system must have appropriate configurations. You must have a Windows 10 (64-bit) version 1909. Intel 6th Gen or newer CPU or AMD Ryzen 1000 series. For HD, 4K, and higher quality, you must have 16 GB RAM and 32 GB RAM respectively.

 Is 4 Gb Ram Enough For Premiere Pro?

Yes, it is enough but it is advised to have at least 8 GB RAM for the smooth running of the app. You may face an issue with editing all your videos with such limited space.


  • Don’t run a ton of programs alongside Premiere Pro to avoid competitions of resources.
  • Keep clearing old media files from the cache for optimum performance
  • Participate in the Adobe support community for hints and assistance 
  • Avoid using very high-resolution clips as it can affect the graphic card’s functioning.

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