SOLVED! How Do I Make Windows 10 Remember The Last Folder I Saved To

In Windows 10, whenever people like to save something, they usually have to navigate to their desired save location. Despite having saved stuff to a specific directory multiple times, the operating system still directs them to the default location which is frustrating. Needless to say, the question of how do I make Windows 10 remember the last folder I saved to attracts the interests of various users. Read to the end if you seek an answer to that question as well.


Apply Changes To Save Settings

To put it plainly, it’s possible to set a default storage location for your files by customizing the Save settings. That means once it comes to the question of “how do I make Windows 10 remember the last folder I saved to”, changes to Save settings prove ideal.

  • Step 1: Open a file, choose File, select Options and choose Save
  • Step 2: A collection of options will emerge on the right side of the window. Check the one labeled Save to Computer by default.
  • Step 3: Enter your preferred directory in the field next “Default local file location”. 

 Tweak The System Default Location

If you reconfigure the system default location, you would be able to get Windows 10 to remember your chosen saved location. 

  • Step 1: Right-click Start menu, choose Settings and pick System. 
  • Step 2: Hit Storage.
  • Step 3: Select Change where new content is saved then enter the save directory.


  • Users can personalize their Windows 10 experience by enhancing the theme of this operating system with their favorite colors. This can be achieved by setting your preferred hues in the Colors tab contained in the Personalization Settings.
  • Those who prefer the traditional list view Start menu can still access it in Windows 10 by right-clicking on the Start button. Doing so will reveal a list of menu options that allow access to all sorts of applications and directories of your choice including File Explorer, Run, Search, Device Manager, Network Connections, …
  • For a uniquely personal computing experience, users can customize the sounds produced by the Windows 10 OS for various system events. To achieve this, simply open Settings, select System and choose Sounds. From there, click on the Sound Control Panel situated
  • on the right side. After that, choose the Sounds tab to assign tones to individual events within your computer system.
  • For a complete, in-depth Windows 10 system customization, users can implement the Rainmeter framework. Users can utilize this environment to create beautiful, highly customized interfaces for their Windows 10 computers from scratch or simply choose from the available skins.
  • To minimize all your windows at once, simply tap on the thin vertical button at the extreme bottom right of your taskbar. Tapping it once will minimize all your active windows. Clicking it again will activate them back on to your active workspace.

What’s The Default Browser In Windows 10?

The default browsing software in Windows 10 is known as Microsoft Edge. Featuring better security and a quicker response time, Edge was developed to replace Internet Explorer.

How Many Editions Of This Operating System Are Available?

There are three versions of the Windows 10 operating system. One of these is Windows 10 Home which is the most affordable option and delivers basic functions for domestic and small business usage. The other is Windows 10 Pro which is utilized for enterprise usage by providing commercial-oriented applications, settings and services. The last one is Windows 10 S which is basically a security-focused upgrade of Windows 10 Pro.

What Does RTM Mean In Regard To Windows Software?

The acronym RTM means Release To Manufacturing. It means that an application is ready for mass production and implementation in domestic and commercial computer systems.

Is It Possible To Pair Windows 10 With Touch Screen Displays?

No. This operating system is compatible with all devices that accept input through a touch screen display. As such, users can utilize the Windows 10 OS on laptops with touch-sensitive displays.

Do I Need An Internet Connection To Use Windows 10?

No. This operating system can comfortably be used offline. However, it is a good idea to have an available Internet connection so as to get OS updates, send emails, download applications and so on.

How Could I Get Windows 10 To Open A Specific Folder Whenever I Turn On The Computer? 

  • Step 1: Open This PC, click View and choose Options.
  • Step 2: Select Change folder and search options
  • Step 3: Click the View tab, go through the Advanced Settings list and tick the box next to Restore previous folder windows at logon. 
  • Step 4: Hit Apply and click OK.

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