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Are you a content writer? Do you have a solid grasp of issues that relate to the modern-day mobiles? In that case, we at Milagro Mobile Marketing welcome you.

Milagro is currently accepting guest posts that talk about smartphones, applications, operating systems, troubleshooting guides and so on in detail. As long as the articles feature original content, they would be considered for approval by our editors and posted on Milagro (if passed the qualification).

A Few Benefits For Contributors If You Want To Submit A Guest Post

  • Constructive criticism from mobile pundits
  • Chances for promotion across social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, …
  • Relevance in the mobile community

Several Rules Of Guest Posts 

To increase the chance that your guest posts get the thumb up from our editors, you have to keep a couple of things in mind

  • We at Milagro prioritize originality and only accept articles that contributors put together from scratch. Guest posts that contain content spinning won’t pass the sharp eyes of our editors.
  • All submitted articles should feature the format of a word document: intro, body and conclusion. It’s necessary to present the main point in a direct manner and then elaborate. Also, there is no length limit but the number of words in your guest posts needs to be at least 500.
  • When you have to include images in your articles, go for the highest resolution available. In addition to that, remember to credit the sources of the images in your posts.
  • At the end of the articles, it’s suggested that you leave a bio about yourself and a profile picture. Keep your bio brief but feel free to enter links to your current social accounts.

Popular Types Of Guests Posts

A wide range of guest posts exists but in terms of popularity, three types tend to stand out from the rest: “Question”, “List” and “How”

“Question” Posts

In “question” posts, you would provide the readers with explicit details regarding how you take on particular issues and what you achieve at the end. The aim of posts of the type is to help the readers get the result that you describe by themselves.

“List” Posts 

Nowadays, whenever people have to deal with something and need to gather informative references, they often look for “List” posts. While writing posts of the type, you have to present a number of items that allow the readers to address issues, optimize experience and alike. It’s essential that you include a short description next to each of the items.

“How” Posts 

Once it comes to performing specific tasks, “how” posts usually prove to be the ideal sources for in-depth guidance. Considering the nature of posts of the type, it’s strongly recommended that you include a bunch of photos and examples in between the texts.

The Time It Take To Process Guest Posts On Milagro

We always try to review articles as quickly as possible. On average, Milagro Mobile Marketing is going to put up qualified guest posts a couple of days after their creators submit them. In the case that the articles you submit receive the approval of our editors, you should receive a message of their status immediately.

Note: We reserve the right to edit your articles (add/remove contents, tweak grammar, etc) to make them more readable. The process may take some time but you could speed it up by getting the style right from the start. Take a close look at the articles on our site and you should be able to understand what we expect from guest posts we receive.

Hi there,

I am Sezer Arslan who love blogging and mobile technology. If I can inspire and help even one person feel the same way, then I’ll call that a success.

But, before we get into that, let’s go back to the beginning. If you really love mobile technology and want to expand your knowledge, please follow my blog.

Please let me know if you want to have guest post on my email: ethanphamvu8@gmail.com.

Thanks & enjoy your time here.

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