SOLVED! Xbox One Recent Players Not Updating A Guide to Resolve the Issue

If your Xbox One Recently played with list is not updating, you are not alone. Many Xbox One players are reporting the error. Sometimes the list updates and sometimes it doesn’t. It’s frustrating when you are trying to keep up with your friends’ online activities but notice Xbox One recent players not updating. So what should you do if your Xbox One Recently played with list isn’t updating? Keep reading to find out.

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The Causes Of Xbox One Recent Players Not Updating

Once it comes to Xbox One recent players not updating, quite a few factors can be responsible. We will discuss them here:

Out-Of-Date Console

When the gamers’ console is out of date, it will affect Xbox One recent players’ updates. It means that it needs an update before adding more people to their account or making any changes like switching between different types of accounts.

Blocked Device

Xbox one recent players not updating may occur due to blocked devices such as smart TVs.It prevents users from connecting wirelessly via WiFi networks. Hence, causing Xbox One recent players not to update. If devices are blocked,  there’s no way  Recently played with list will be updated.

Account Missing

There is a possibility that you deleted your friend from Microsoft cloud services, and now they’re gone. You can check if their profile still exists by going into settings. Scroll down until you find “supplementary info,” underneath that, there should be an option called ‘Online.’

Poor Internet Connection 

When the device has a poor internet connection, it will be hard for Xbox One to detect any new users on their network. If the internet is down, it will be hard for the device to see any new users on their network who are nearby sending data packages over these networks at all times – even while offline.

Simultaneous Sign Ins

The most common cause for Xbox One recent players not updating is that you might have signed into more than one device at once, which can confuse the system and stop processing updates correctly.

Xbox Live Gold Subscription Not Renewed

When Xbox Live Gold subscription is unrenewed, it will lead to Xbox One recent players not updating, or either if it’s renewed and the account isn’t active yet. In any case, this issue would cause an error code when trying to sign in and update profiles or create new ones on Microsoft services like Skype, where people use real names by default rather than use RIDs (which helps them keep track).

Solutions For Xbox One Recent Players Not Updating

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One can follow several procedures to fix the problem. Here’s a list of these solutions:

Update The Database

Updating of database helps in fixing the players update, follow these steps:

  • Turn off your console and wait for about 5 minutes before turning the console back on.
  • When the power light comes back, select “Settings,” scroll down to “System,” and click on “Update & Restart.”
  • Once the update process completes, restart your console by pressing the power button again.
  • After the update is complete select “Games & Apps.”
  • Scroll down to “Online” and click on the sign-in to your Microsoft Account.
  • You should now see your friends listed.

Delete Cache

The solution works if you haven’t updated the database yet. You should use Solution 1 first as it will save time. However, if you still experience the problem after following the above steps, try deleting the cache and follow these steps:

  • Turn off your console and wait for about 5 minutes before powering up the console again.
  • When the power light comes on, press the home button and select “Settings.”
  • Then, click on “Storage” and select “Caches.”
  • Select “Xbox Live”
  • Select “Friends”
  • Click on “Delete Cached Data” and power up the console
  • Click on “Sign In” into your Microsoft account
  • Your friends’ list should now be showing

Reset Network Setting

This solution works if your connection drops every time you sign in. It can happen if you are; connected to an unsecured network or a VPN.

Restart Console

Restarting of console helps in fixing out of Xbox One not updating recent players. It happens when there is a networking glitch, and the console has powered off since last connecting to Xbox Live. You cannot add someone because they do not appear to be online.”

Restarting the console usually fixes the problem. Follow these steps to restart:

  • Turn off your console and press the power button on the front of the console until it turns off completely, and wait for at least five minutes before turning it back on.
  • Once the console powers up, press the HOME button and select “Settings” to restart the console, and you will be able to see a progress bar while the console restarts.
  • After the console finishes rebooting, select “Xbox Live” and sign in using your Microsoft Account.
  • Click on “Friend” then add friend, and remove a friend.
  •  Save the changes made and exit, then log out and quit Xbox One
  •  Sign in using your new Microsoft Account and enjoy playing games

Check Your Internet Connection

If you’re having trouble adding friends, make sure your Internet connection is working well. Ensure that your speed test results show 100 Mbps download and upload Internet Connection. If you tried all the other methods and still receive the error that you cannot add someone because they do not appear ” Online,” check your Internet connection.



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Why do I get the error message “You cannot add someone because they do not appear to be online” when I try to add a player?

This issue can occur if you are unable to connect to Xbox LIVE.

What happens if I delete my profile?

If you want to keep your Avatar, you must create a new profile. Deleting your profile will remove your saved game data, achievements, and game history. It will also remove your Avatar from the Dashboard.

Can I use my Microsoft Account to play games on my Xbox One and Windows 10 PC?

Yes! Log to your Xbox Live account using the same email address on both devices.

Why am I getting a message which says my friend doesn’t have enough space on his hard drive?

Some players may experience this issue due to excessive file sharing between users.

I’m trying to find a specific person on Xbox Live, but all I get is a list of everyone who has joined Xbox Live. Where can I search for a specific user?

The best place to search for a specific player is through their Gamertag

Tips And Tricks

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  • If your friend list is not updating, connect to Xbox Live and try again.
  • If your friend list is updating slowly, try disconnecting from Xbox Live and reconnecting again.
  • If your friend list is filtering, you may need to wait for it to update.
  • If your friend list is missing some people, try refreshing the page.
  • If your friend list is showing old information, try logging out of Xbox Live and logging back in.























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