SOLVED! Xbox One Making Noise Common Causes and Solutions

Xbox One is a very popular console among gamers, and it is also known as Microsoft’s next-generation video game console. This device allows players to interact with their games using voice commands, gestures, or facial recognition. However, many players experience a problem with Xbox One: noise. You notice Xbox One making noise while playing and want to eliminate the source of the issue? If yes, then read our guide on causes and how to fix them.

The Causes Of Xbox One Noises

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There are several reasons why the Xbox One might make a lot of noise. We will look at the possible causes here:

Bad Connection

Your Xbox One may make noises due to bad connections between the motherboard and other parts of the console. For example, if you connect your Xbox One to a TV using an HDMI cable, the HDMI port may be defective. Or, if you connect your Xbox Live account to your PC via LAN cable, the Ethernet port may be defective.

Malfunctioned Controller

If you have connected a malfunctioning controller to your Xbox One, then there is a chance that the controller makes some noises when you press buttons on the controller. The controller may also vibrate when you hold it. You can replace the controller with a new one.

Software Failure

Another reason for Xbox one making noise noises is software failure. Playing games on your Xbox One uses many resources like RAM, CPU cycles, and GPU cycles. If the game crashes while playing, it will use more RAM than usual. This extra usage of RAM causes the Xbox One to overheat. The heat generated by the Xbox One may damage the internal components of the console. As a result, the fans may stop functioning and make loud sounds.

Hardware Failure

The first reason for the noises is hardware failure. Your Xbox One may fail because of overheating, a faulty power supply, or a bad cooling system. In case of overheating, the fan inside the Xbox One may stop working properly, and it may start making loud noises.

Clogged Fan

If your fan is clogged, then it could cause problems. Remove the dust cover and blow air through the vents near the fan to clean the fan. It would be best to ensure that the fans are spinning correctly. One can also replace the fan with a new one if there is no change.


Xbox One making noise is overheating. There are two ways by which the Xbox One overheats. The first way is when you use the console while playing games. The second way is to play games using the console without turning off the console. In both cases, the heat generated inside the console increases and eventually leads to overheating.

Xbox One Making Noise: Fixes

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There are several ways which you can do to solve the Xbox one noise, we will discuss them here:

Replace The Hard Drive

You can easily replace the hard disk drive by yourself. Just remove the screws at the backside of the hard disk drive and take it off. Then insert another hard disk drive into its place. Finally, replace all the screws and reattach the front panel cover.

Clean The Fan Grill

Another solution to Xbox one making noise is cleaning all dust and debris off the fan. One can use compressed air to blow away any dirt or grime that’s stuck to the fan blades. To clean the fan grill, use a small brush. Make sure that you do not touch the fan blades while cleaning them.

Reinstall The Motherboard

If you notice any damage to the motherboard, you should replace it. But before replacing the motherboard, you should first try to install the memory modules to find out if the problem is from the motherboard.

Remove The Dust 

In case you notice any scratches on the surface of the console, then you should clean the console with a soft cloth to remove dust particles. It will help to prevent further damage to the console.

Repair The Controller

To fix the problem of Xbox one making noise, one should replace the controller with a new one if it is faulty.

Replace The Thermal Paste

To solve the noise in Xbox one, you should replace the thermal paste on the CPU cooler. The thermal paste helps cool the processor by transferring heat from the chip to the heatsink.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I know if my Xbox one is making too much noise?

Check out whether the fan is working correctly. If it doesn’t spin, there’s no point looking further. After that, look at the vents. Are they clogged with dust and debris? If so, clean them out. If the vents are clear, you should check the rest of the machine. Look at the motherboard and the power supplies. Is there anything obstructing the flow of air?

Can I use an external speaker instead of the built-in speakers?

You cannot use an external speaker because the sound quality isn’t good enough.

 Does the Xbox one have a warranty?

Yes, it does. However, it lasts only one year.

Will the Xbox one make more noise once I start using it?

Not necessarily. Mostly, it will depend on how often you use the console.

Why did my Xbox one suddenly make a loud noise?

It could be because of overheating. Overheated components emit high frequencies.

Does a faulty hard drive mean I won’t be able to play any games?

Not necessarily. While a faulty hard drive will affect performance, playing certain games is still possible. For example, you can still play games online without a hard drive. Also, many games come with a “save anywhere” feature, which allows you to save progress even if you lose connection.

 Tips And Tricks

  • In case of noise, please turn off the console and wait 10 minutes before starting it up again.
  • Switch off the console by pressing the power button for 5 seconds.
  • Ensure that you wait for 2 hours before connecting it to the network.
  • Use a different power supply.
  •  Clean the vents to remove dust.
  •  Update the drivers.
  • Try unplugging and replugging the consoles.





















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