SOLVED! Top Three Fallout Themes for Android

Fallout Shelter is an immensely popular game series and naturally, top three Fallout themes for Android is a hotly discussed topic. Among the themes, The Pip-boy 3000 Live Wallpaper stands out as it customizes the scan lines, speed and color to create a live Fallout background on your smartphone. Operating like a GIF, The Pip-boy 3000 adds a dynamic effect to your device’s interface too. Also, the Nova Launcher establishes a brand new home screen. Moreover, the Ultimate Custom Widget adds minimalist functionality. Customize your Android smartphone with these Fallout themes in this way.


Nova Launcher 

This Android fallout theme is absolutely essential to put the theme together as a whole. Basically, it’s an entirely new home screen to take a short cut of pressing the home button and heading over the usual home screen. It offers a comprehensively different interface. You no longer have to switch back to your regular home screen, instead, you can use a separate app titles Home Switcher / Manager to be back. Nova Launcher, to sum up, could change your screen without having to download other apps.
fallout themes for android

Pip-Boy 3000 Live Wallpaper 

In the wake of Fallout 4 release in 2015, the Android fallout fans are extremely excited about Pip-Boy 3000 Android theme, a live background, which is fancy terms to say it’s a gif. This theme on Android allows users to customize the scan lines, color, speed, etc. and make the best of your background.
This app could drain your battery faster but the added effect is worthwhile to outweigh the drawbacks. If you want this nearly perfect Fallout theme, apply the instruction below:
  1. Navigate to the home screen of Nova Launcher
  2. Press the home button one more time to zoom out the three options namely Wallpapers, Settings and Widgets.
  3. Tap on Wallpapers. Drag down to the end and select Live Wallpapers. Scroll down to see Pip-Boy 3000. Click on it to confirm and then go to Settings to customize your new Pip-Boy theme it as you wish.

fallout themes for android

The looks of Pip-Boy are minimalist and crisp, which includes a wide selection of Android Fallout- themed wallpapers. The dark wallpaper is more favorable as the green neon one does not look as sharp on the light background. Pip-Boy supports over 3000 hand-crafted icons for your apps, games, settings and system apps. 

The funny Vault-boy, the customizable weather widget and the two versions of the stats widget are strong plus points of the Fallout Android theme.

UCCW – Ultimate Custom Widget

fallout themes for android

This is the last and the most well-liked app for the function of the Android theme itself. The requirement is to set up the theme itself, as it is actually a widget just pasted onto the home screen. Follow our guidance:

  1. Open up the app PipDroid. Select the option Portrait, then tap on Green. Or you can also choose other shades and select logos to set up cool Fallout logos 
  2. After choosing the green portrait, head to the Nova Launcher home screen and press the home button a second time.
  3.  The three options of Wallpapers, Widgets, and Settings will be zoomed out. You tap on Select Settings> Desktop> Desktop Grid. Set it to 7×5.
  4. Scroll down until you see Advanced options. Click on it to enable Widget Overlap, Overlap When Placing, and Lock Desktop.
  5. Go back to the main settings page, and select Look & Feel to disable Show Notification Bar, and enable Transparent Notification Bar. 
  6. Exit the settings and go to the home screen by pressing the home button again. Then, select Widgets and drag down to UCCW
  7. From the UCCW menu, select PipDroid Color.  And that’s all about setting up Pip-Boy 3000 Fallout theme for Android phone.


To sum up, we’ve gone in-depth into the top three fallout themes to set up on Android phones and give instructions on how to add those themes on your device. We hope this works for you. You can visit us on our website or choose to read more related posts here.