SOLVED! Easy Way to Have Colored Keyboard for Android

Android keyboard offers a few options and controls for users to adjust and customize. To say the least, high contrast option asides, the default tool is pretty plain to serve your appetite and satisfy your creativity. So, in this article, milagromobilemarketing will show you a renovation you can carry our in your Android rows of key to enhance your experience. It is switching your boresome keyboard to colored keyboard for Android, which opens up your options significantly to customize anything and get the most from your phone.

Let’s look at the step- by- step process implemented in different types of Android keyboard to change the color of the keypad.

colored keyboard for android


In this post, we will exemplify three typical types of Android keyboard namely Google Android keyboard, Swiftkey and Samsung keyboard. Apply the instruction according to the keypad that your Android is running.


With this Android keyboard, you need to make sure the keyboard app on your device is up-to-date. This allows you to choose from a variety of new color options besides the original ‘material dark’ and ‘material light’. Follow the guidance below:

  1. Launch Settings on your Android phone and navigate to Language & Input​ option.
  2. Open Google Android Keyboard application on your Android phone and head over to Appearance and Layouts.
  3. Tap Set Keyboard Theme.
  4. Here, you can choose to modify the color back to dark by tapping the theme “Material Dark”. Or if you want to change the keyboard color to something light or fancy, you can change the themes accordingly. Select the color option from multiple options, including red, blue, green, pink, black or gray.

If you want to show your own identity and your style, you can customize your Android with your own image. 

  1.  Open the Google Keyboard, then tap Set Keyboard Theme
  2.  Drag down to find My Image and choose Select An Image. From your gallery, tap the photo you wish and enjoy your unique keyboard.

colored keyboard for android


If Swiftkey is running on your Android device, you can follow the easy steps below to have a colorful Android keyboard.

  1. Open the Swiftkey application and you will see the option to change color and theme.
  2. Hit the three bar button on the left side of the keyboard and several options to change the color keyboards will prompt. Tap on to choose the color of the Android keyboard as you wish.


Samsung’s stock keyboard experience is of great appeal to those who like simplicity. If you want to change the dark mode of Samsung keyboard to another basic color, you can read on and follow the instruction.

  1. Drag down to find notification bar and press the gear-shaped settings button
  2. Select General Management and head to Language & input
  3. Click on On-screen keyboard and choose Samsung Keyboard
  4. Tap Keyboard layout & feedback and select High Contrast Keyboard and choose a basic shade to modify the Android Keyboard color.

colored keyboard for android


Now, you’ve successfully customized the entire keypad on your Android by adding a new look to it. Basically,  by getting a colored keyboard for Andoird, you’ll have full control over your rows of key to enhance your experience whenever you type the words for messages or SMS. To some extent, you could type faster and get the most from your mobile. This sort of convenience is what you probably want the most.

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