SOLVED! How to Open a Snap Without Them Knowing

Snapchat has become a common social media app in our times, and with its likes and dislikes alike, you still won’t get enough of this fabulous app. Many a time you’ve received annoying snaps and messages that you never want to click to open, let alone replying to them. 

Sometimes you grow rather curious to know what the sender wanted to communicate, but you still wish you could know how to open the snap without them knowing. Well, here’s a stepwise guide of how you could open that snap message without leaving a trace behind.

How To Open a SnapWithout Them Knowing
How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing

Select and Segregate the Messages

That understanding which snaps you would wish to ignore and which ones you wouldn’t give you an easy kick-off. You will have to mark the snaps that you would want to open and read without trace early before starting to read the messages. 

This helps you to minimize your chances of getting mixed up in the process and opening those you never wanted. You are also able to tell which ones are snap messages and which ones are chat messages. Segregate them by marking them in a notebook somewhere. 

With that done, you can now follow the steps below to get to read the messages you have set aside.

  1. Navigate to the conversations tab by swiping to the left from the camera. You will be able to view all the unopened messages in your chat log.
  2. Give the app some time to load all the messages fully. Once it has fully loaded you will realize a pink square and the words “New snap” for snaps and a blue message box with “New chat” if it is a chat, below your senders’ names.

    How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing
    How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing

Now you can turn off the airplane mode of your phone to disconnect from the internet. 

  • If you are using the android phone you will simply swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick setting and tap the airplane icon to turn on the airplane mode.

    How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing
    How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing
  • If you are using the iOS devices, you will swipe up from the bottom of your screen to reveal the control center and tap the airplane icon to switch on the airplane mode. 

    How To Open a SnapWithout Them Knowing
    How To Open a Snap Without Them Knowing

With your airplane mode on, you can now turn to the app and open all the snaps. Messages you had set aside to view and read respectively. 

  1. After reading the messages and viewing the snaps, it is now time to clear your cache in the Snapchat app. Click on your profile icon or the Bitmoji, in the top of the chats, then tap the gear icon.
  2. Access the settings tab then scroll down to the accounts action section and click on ‘clear cache’ then tap on ‘clear all’ then press ‘Ok’ to confirm.

You can now switch off the airplane mode to get back connected to the internet.

You have now successfully read the messages without it saying opened except for the ‘delivered’ label that your friends will see beneath your name on their apps.


No better way to open up and read snaps without them knowing than following the above steps. Now you can smile and take it easy anytime you feel uneasy to open any of those uncomfortable snaps.

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