SOLVED! Having Problems with Flir One? Checking Flir One Android Compatibility Right Away

The FLIR One is defined as a lightweight accessory for your Android device. It shows you the world with a unique blend of thermal and visible imaging from a thermal perspective. To be more specific, it works by detecting heat, giving you the ability to “see” and measure minute temperature variances. With the device, you can go beyond your capability by detecting energy leaks, hidden moisture and other problems around your home. FLIR ONE also offers the view in complete darkness for intruders’ detection and wildlife observation at night. 

Checking Flir one android compatibility is a must-do practice when you feel the need to install the accessory on your Android devices. In this post, milagromobilemarketing will give a brief overview of the thermal camera and analyze FLIR one’s compatibility with Android devices.

flir one android compatibility


Key features of FLIR One:

At the starting point, milagromobilemarketing will broaden your horizons with a provision of the technology’s characteristics:

  • Automatic tuning providing which is ideal for technicians, building surveyors. Thus, there’s no need to manually tune the device for optimum use
  • Lighter-weight design (less than a third the weight of the original)
  • Identify energy inefficiency, water leaks and heat loss for household maintenance as well as to measure the temperature of invisible heat sources
  • Enable users to see at night to observe wildlife or other warm objects in outdoor adventures
  • Capture and share thermal images and videos
  • Blends thermal and visible spectrum for more detail and enhanced resolution with exclusive technology.
  • Run by its own internal battery which can last approximately 4 hours of continuous use
  • Support two temperature units: °F and °C readout (spot meter)

flir one android compatibility

The requirements for Flir One Android compatibility

It is important to note that the Flir One matches with almost all Android smartphones/tablets with a micro-USB slot.

Minimum requirements

To be compatible with FLIR ONE, the Android mobile device must meet the minimum criteria.

  • Your Android devices are running at least Android Version 5.0.0. The higher the Android version is, the smoother the accessory operates. 
  • To ensure that Android devices work with Fir One, you need to turn on GPS, Flashlight, OTG USB, Location and Microphone Capabilities when installing the device on your phone. 
  • Gyroscope and Accelerometer Capabilities for the use of Panorama functionality

Android models

Some Android models matching with Flir One are Google Pixel/ Google Pixel XL, Google Nexus 6P, Samsung Galaxy S8/ S8+( need a separate adaptor with OTG (On The Go) capability in order to connect the Thermal Camera to the Android device), Samsung Galaxy A5, Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Samsung Tab S4, Motorola Moto Z3 Play, etc.

flir one android compatibility

Flir One with phone cases

You still wonder about the compatibility of Flir One with your Android device when the mobile is covered with a case? Get rid of your worry as Flir One is supported with the new OneFit™ feature. The connector will adjust up to an additional 4 mm in length, which is compatible with most protective cases. Hence, your Flir One fits almost your Android devices and you are allowed to do multiple tasks, from thermal vision to safeguarding your device. 


The FLIR One is a powerful thermal camera for helping with many thermal issues around the house. Checking Flir One Android compatibility is of great importance to eliminate any issue in the long run. For the up- to- date list of Android devices that are compatible with Flir One, go to the official website of the technology and drag down to find your Android version. 

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