SOLVED! How To Fix Can’t Find Wireless Display App Xbox One

All in all, if your PC can’t find Wireless Display app Xbox One, it’s a good idea to check out the app. Also, it won’t hurt to make sure that all the devices involved stay on the same Wi-Fi network. New to the Wireless Display app and don’t know what must be done to get it working? In that case, this article is for you. 

A List Of Possibilities

Generally speaking, many things could go wrong when you use your PC as well as Xbox One. However, once it comes to Windows not finding Wireless Display app Xbox One, you should give the following possibilities some thought. 

Issues With The App

In layman’s terms, for computers to connect to Xbox One and stream content, the Wireless Display app must be up and running. If the app acts up for some reason, it’s only natural that connection would be a bust.

The Difference In Wi-Fi Network

For your information, both the computer and the console must use the same Wi-Fi network for the connection to be successful. Your PC can’t find Wireless Display app Xbox One time and again? In that case, you may want to take the Wi-Fi network into account.

Console Is Connected To Another Device

Xbox One could only connect one device at a time for content streaming. Thus, you would have a hard time connecting your computer to your console if the latter is connected to other computers, phones and so on. 

How To Tackle The Issue

Think About The App

If you have downloaded the Wireless Display app to your Xbox One, turn it on. In the case that app is on but the connection is not possible, you have to uninstall and reinstall it. Once the uninstallation completes, go to Xbox Store then download and install Wireless Display app from the Microsoft Store. Remember that the app is called Wireless Display, not Wireless Display Adapter, Wireless Display, and so on. 

The moment the reinstallation wraps up, run the app and if things proceed smoothly, you should see a message that says [Console Name] is ready for you to connect wirelessly”. On your PC, go to Settings, select Display and choose Connect to a Wireless Display to establish a connection.

Put Devices On The Same Wi-Fi Network

In the beginning, determine whether your PC and Xbox One stay on the same Wi-Fi network. If they use different networks,  the performance of Wireless Display app is going to suffer. By moving the computer and the console to one network, you could optimize the odds of streaming success. 

Disconnect Console From Other Devices 

You have previously connected your Xbox One to other devices? Then there is a good chance that an old connection is what prevents the computer from connecting to the console. Go through your devices, terminate all connections, and repeat the connection process. 


  • Pay attention to the small movable taskbar at the top of the monitor when your PC is connected to the console. The taskbar allows you to tweak the display quality settings between gaming, movie, and working modes.
  • The strength of Internet connection dictates aspects of the casting experience. If your connection is not exactly good, avoid going all out on Internet-dependent Steam games.

Are There Charges For Using The Wireless Display App?

For your information, the Wireless Display app is free which means you don’t pay a cent to use it.  

Does Wireless Display Work On Wired Networks?

The Wireless Display app works best on Wi-Fi networks. The odds of success tend to be low if you use the app on wired networks.

Is Screencasting The Only Benefit That Wireless Display Offers?

In addition to screencasting, you can use Wireless Display app to turn your Xbox One controller into an input device. The controller can double as a Mouse and Keyboard for your PC. To do so, you must select the “Allow Mouse, Keyboard, Touch, and Pen input from this device” option on your PC.

How Many Options Do I Have While Using Screencasting?

Regarding screencasting of Wireless Display app, you have three options: 

  • As the only display.
  • As a mirror display. Press Windows +P  to set it up. It detects the Xbox One display output as a projector. The display mirrors what you are seeing on your PC screen.
  • As an additional display. Use the ‘Extend’ option.

What Are The Limitations Of Screencasting Of Wireless Display?

You can view and screencast nearly all types of content using the Wireless Display application. The only exception is protected content. This is mainly video content from Netflix and Hulu. There are simple workarounds to get past the restriction on protected content though.

What Are The System Requirements Of Wireless Display?

For smooth connection, your PC should run on Windows 10 version 18288.0 or later. Also, the operating system must be the 64-bit (x64) version. 

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