SOLVED! What to do if Android microphone not working during call

What if you gonna do when you’re in the middle of an important phone call but all of sudden, the other party can’t hear anything you said or conversely. You’ve tried out several ways either switching to speakerphone mode or toggling the mute button on and off aiming to troubleshoot the problem, but none of them actually works. A large number of Android users report that they also got stuck in the same situation, as well as being ambiguous about the solutions. Don’t worry since we’re here to provide you with some feasible workarounds aiming to tackle the android microphone not working during call error.

android microphone not working during call
Android microphone not working during call

Causes of mic problem in mobile phone

  1. In case your phone has two microphones which are primary and secondary ones. If the issue occurs on calls but not on speakerphone, the issue may lie in the primary microphone.
  2. Something like a piece of debris or dirt has gradually been accumulated on your microphone which leads to the sound hindrance.
  3. Due to the installation of third-party applications.
  4. Fail to update the device’s software.

Several quick fixes to mic not working during calls android

In the following instruction, I’ll give you some handy approaches to possibly troubleshoot the android no sound issue during making a phone call before bringing it to the mobile phone repair shops. 

Power cycling your phone

It’s a common belief that your smartphone is nothing more than a modern machine that can keep working constantly without facing any serious issues provided that it has the battery power and internet connection, isn’t it?. In fact, your mobile phone is only durable once you use it properly. What’s more, a cell phone overuse can build up some temporary bugs, let alone badly ruining it. Therefore, regularly giving your phone a refreshing for a few moments is the principal maintenance way. Here’s how it works:

  1. Hold and press the power button until the options appear.
  2. Click on Power off and wait to fully turn off your phone.
  3. Wait for a few minutes to restart your phone.

Test your phone speaker using alternate methods

To figure out what reasons contribute to the microphone glitch, making a phone call via using other third-party voice over IP applications such as Skype or Google Voice. If your microphone still works perfectly when checking on these applications, it means that the problem itself probably lies in the carrier network.

Boot the device into Safe mode

If the microphone problems persist on the phone calls only, let’s attempt to switch your phone into Safe mode in order to verify how microphones work because Safe mode hinders malicious third-party installations from functioning. Plus, booting the Safe Mode can possibly detect and troubleshoot microphone issues caused by suspicious apps or services. 

  1. Run your phone in the safe mode first.
  2. Disable or uninstall third-party applications temporarily.
  3. Make a phone call test. If the microphone is working fine, then the reason is to blame for unknown apps. 
  4. Next, uninstall the malicious app and reset the phone to normal and check the error again.

To sum up

That’s all about what you can do when Android microphone not working during call. Good luck!


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