SOLVED! Unknown Sources on Android: Third-party installation

Unlike its counterpart iOS, Android is a powerful open-source operating system that allows users to sideload apps outside the official Google Play store. Many people may get a bit confused about the functions of Unknown Source on Android devices, as well as questioning about its safety whenever their phones pop up a message “ For your security, your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”. Harmful as it may seem, the “Unknown Sources” turns out to be of great advantage if you can utilize it wisely. Today, in the article, I will provide you with fundamental information and straightforward instruction on how to enable Unknown Sources on Android.

unknown sources android
How to install unknown sources on Android

What are Unknown Sources?

Since Google tends to promote its AppStore initially displaying on your device, the installation that isn’t hosted by Google vetting process is likely to be marked as “Unknown Sources”. Moreover, not all applications installed from the Play Store always work properly, therefore, enabling “Unknown Sources” to install third-party apps is necessary. In brief, Unknown Sources are simply defined as a source other than Google Play offering apps that are unreliable. 

Are “Unknown Sources” dangerous?

This question may trigger the curiosity of most Android users on whether the third-party app you intend to install is safe or not. In other words, it is also important to note that putting your system security as a top priority is a must whenever you attempt to download apps from unknown sources. However, not all of which are always harmful and malicious as you thought. The only reason Google blocks Android phones from installing other applications is that it isn’t supported and considered secure by Google. Nowadays, in the technology era, finding third-party apps is not a difficult task since there’s a host of app providers out there but to choose trusted ones is the opposite. Originally, you have two options to sideload apps outside Google Play. One is simply through the trustworthy own-device store such as Galaxy Store(Samsung) or LG application store, another is downloading APK files from other open-sources. As a matter of fact, you should keep in mind that when installing APK files from unreliable platforms, it’s highly likely that these apps are secretly inserted malware and virus resulting in rooting your phone. Plus, it can’t deny that there are still several websites that offer free and integral APK files.

How to enable Unknown Sources on Android 

Although Google protects your device security by flagging “Unknown Sources” as unsafe, Android users are likely to activate the installation process from outside default store. Keep reading this post to figure out step-by-step instruction on how to enable “Unknown Sources”

On Android Nougat 7.0 or lower

Step 1: Access your device settings and find the “gear icon” and tap on it.

Step 2: Scroll down to the Security and open it.

Step 3: Search for “Unknown Sources” and read the subtext carefully before jumping to enable it.

Step 4: Read the pop-up notification and swipe right the  “allow from this source” option to grant permission.

Step 5: Visit a trusted website like ApkTovi and download your favorite app.

unknown sources android
Enable unknown sources Android

On Android Oreo 8.0 or higher

Android Oreo approach is a bit different when enabling Unknown Sources to further ensure the safety for users. Rather than automatic one-time settings on Android 7.0, you have to manually allow Unknown Sources whenever you install each third-party app. 

Wrap up

Hope the information above will help you to enable Unknown Sources and ease your worries about its safety. Be cautious of malicious websites and make wise choices!

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