SOLVED! Unknown Sources Android- What You should Know

Android is an open- operating system that allows you to install apps that aren’t hosted on the Google Play Store. It is one of the biggest strengths of Android than iOS when with simple steps, you can download apps from sites. While iOS users need to through complicated jailbreaking procedures, Android users just need to enable a single setting- unknown sources Android. My post will show you how to enable unknown sources Android.

enable unknown sources
Enable unknown sources Android


What is “Unknown sources”?

Unknown sources are webs or developers providing apps or games outside Google Play or phone publisher’s Stores in the form of APK files. They are flagged by a label: “a source for apps you want to install that is not trusted”. However, are these unknown sources totally dangerous? 

What to know about “Unknown sources”?

Are unknown sources safe to install?

In fact, some webs or developers such as ApkTovi, apkmun, and so on are providing original and pure APK as the Google Play Store, they have Google signature for apps. Thus, although the “Unknown Sources” label appears to be worrying, most of the apps that are flagged this label are not unsafe and can be installed on your Android phones as long as you choose reliable sources.

Why don’t developers or companies just put their apps in Google’s Play Store?

Google places some restrictions on ways developers can earn money from their releasing apps. Not everyone is willing to accept those Google’s restrictions.

Are you protected when installing from unknown sources?

Google scans 50 billion apps per day to find out any malware that harmful to your device, including the ones you installed. And this function doesn’t depend on the versions of Android. Every single phone in which accesses to Google Play running Android 4 or upper has these protections through Google’s Play Services feature.


Enabling unknown sources on Android 7 and lower

The exact names of the settings entries listed below may vary slightly, and the overall process in each device may be very similar. To begin: 

  • Step 1: Head to phone’s main settings menu.
  • Step 2: Look for an entry titled either “Security” in “Personal” settings.

    unknown sources android
    Security settings
  • Step 3: Tick the box or switch next to the “Unknown sources” entry
  • Step 4: Press “OK” on the popup on the screen

  enable unknown sources

Enable Unknown sources
Enable Unknown sources

Enabling unknown sources on Android 8 and higher

With Android 8.0 and higher, “Unknown Sources” is no longer a system-wide, it’s now handled on a per-app basis. This means that when you download an APK with your browser, you’ll have to provide your browser permission to install apps. In this instruction, I will show you grant permission for Google Chrome (The basic steps are quite similar on devices to devices): 

  • Step 1: Get access to the mobile Settings menu
  • Step 2: In your mobile Settings, tap on Apps and Notification
  • Step 3: Choose Advanced > Special App Access > Install Unknown Apps

    Enable Unknown sources
    Install unknown apps
  • Step 4: Choose Chrome. In case you use other browsers, you can freely choose your browser to download apps
  • Step 5: Tap or switch on “Allow from this source” entry to enable the Unknown sources function.

    Install unknown apps
    Turn on “Allow from this source”


In conclusion, I have introduced how to enable unknown sources on Android, following those steps, you can freely choose the APK files that you want to install in your device. Please note that choosing reliable sources is important. Good luck!

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