SOLVED! Shortest answer on how to mirror picture on Android

Users normally are annoyed by flipping image after taking a photo on their phone. To iPhone, the only way to change is choosing third-party application but luckily, Android users can fix the fault by some small changes in the setting, down here we will instruct you about how to mirror picture on Android phone. 

Why Are The Photo In Reverse?

This problem happens frequently to Android and IOS users. When you’re taking a photo using the front camera, the system will deliver as looking at the mirror. So the image is reversed and the mirror effect is applied. All the photos saved are automatically as mirror images. This feature normally brings about disturb to users when the photo seems to be more unusual and strange in a negative way unless you have a flawless face.

How to Flip the Image?

To Android users, there is 2 separated way to fix it. Using third-party photo editor or Adjustment in the setting. Now, we are going to instruct you on how to fix it quickly.

Goes to Setting to Change

The easiest solution is dedicated to this method. The mirror image feature is hidden in the Setting. When first buy and use the camera, many phones will ask you to keep the picture natural or reversed. Pretending you have picked mirror image and now regret. This is how we solve the problem

  1. Open the Camera app and Enter the Setting or three-dot sections at the corner
  2. Scrolling through all the options and click on Mirrored photo or Pictures as Previewed.

    How To Mirror Picture on Android
    How To Mirror Picture on Android

It was pretty easy to change. Within 2 steps, your problem will be solved. Just the change will not make any difference to the camera. When you’re taking a selfie, the reversed feature will be there as it was the default setting of the developer but the photo saved will be rotated to the natural, wanted version.

Many people found it not appealing as the photo can only be saved in one version set up. They will have no choice in picking out whether to rotate or not will be better. Especially for the girls, they might prefer a diverse option that we will include below.

Using third-party Photo Editor

Photo Editor Application is developed for photo lovers from amateur to expert level. Using these apps is good since it provides with most necessary tools to beautify the image. But, you will have to download an app from Play Store and it might consume you space for it to operate. Few apps could be mentioned like

  • Photoshop Express

If you have heard of Abode’s product like CC, Lightroom on PC, you would never miss Photoshop Express. It’s a mobile edition of photoshop developed for smartphone users. It assists users with almost the same features as the PC version.

How To Mirror Picture on Android
How To Mirror Picture on Android

Photographer will prefer this application, not only the rotate feature for the image but also, bright, saturation, contrast can be adjusted too. 

  1. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt gains popularity among girls since it supplied a tool to apply the overlay-sticker filter. It’s one of the best free applications, it includes collage images, camera and there is also a community for everyone to share their picture on it. There are more than 100 free templates and brush, drawing tools to unleash your creative potential.

How To Mirror Picture on Android
How To Mirror Picture on Android
  1. Snapseed

Snapseed is incredible among free ad applications for users. You can turn the image into such a vivid color with a high intensity of precision.

How To Mirror Picture on Android
How To Mirror Picture on Android


Hope our article will resolve your problem or at least, provide you with some hints for amazing photo editor application. If you had any comments or problems, just comment in the section below.

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