SOLVED! Samsung Watch Won’t Turn On

Nowadays, once it comes to smartwatches, people can choose from various models but in terms of performance, Samsung Watch is one of the top choices. Incorporating a wide range of features, the Samsung smartwatch gives a good account of itself in quite a few settings. However, it’s noteworthy that Samsung Watch is still far from perfect as it receives complaints from time to time. Complaints regarding the smartwatch made by Samsung cover many issues but one topic earns the attention of most users: Samsung Watch won’t turn on.

Why Won’t Samsung Watch Turn On

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Frustrated by the fact that Your Samsung Watch turns off and refuses to turn on? Then you should spare a bit of time to take a look at this article. Down below, you would find everything that you must keep in mind about Samsung Watch being unable to turn on.

Depleted Battery 

All in all, thanks to the inclusion of a solid battery, Samsung Watch features excellent battery life but it’s incapable of staying on indefinitely. The moment the charge level of its battery drops too low, the Samsung smartwatch is going to shut down automatically. Hence, if your Samsung Watch won’t turn on, there is a good chance that its battery is just depleted. After the battery receives a sufficient amount of power, the smartwatch made by Samsung could turn on like usual again.

Battery Is Too Old

Generally speaking, nothing lasts forever and the battery of Samsung Watch is not an exception. If the battery of your Samsung smart is too old, issues such as slow charging, short battery life, refusal to take charge, … would show up.

Damaged Charging Dock

So you not only have a hard time turning on Samsung Watch but also cannot recharge its battery as well? If that happens to be the case, the charging dock of your smartwatch may be the one at fault here. Issues with the charging dock tend to interfere with the charging of smartwatches and that naturally leave the battery depleted. Unless you take action, your Samsung Watch could not secure enough power to turn on.

Unstable Source Of Power 

For your information, the performance of charging docks relies on the power source so if the power source is unstable, the charging process inevitably suffers. At worst, if the power source is malfunctioning, the flow of electricity to the charging dock should experience extensive disruptions. That is why if your Samsung Watch remains unresponsive as you recharge it, you must give power source some thought. When the power source returns to normal, the charging process is going to resume immediately.

Internal Damages 

Samsung Watch is not exactly prone to damages but if people treat it too roughly, the components inside still get damaged. Needless to say, in the case that your Samsung smartwatch sustains internal damages in use, it would run into quite a few difficulties over time. For instance, a drop from height could damage the components that link the battery to the rest of the device which starves it of power. Usually, to fix internal damages on Samsung Watch, you have to seek professional assistance.

Getting Samsung Watch Back On: Suggestions 

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Once their Samsung Watch won’t turn on, people implement all sorts of measures with varying levels of success. That being said, if you wish to get your Samsung smartwatch back on as soon as possible, you need to consider trying out these methods.


Assuming that a depleted battery is indeed the cause of the situation, a recharge is all it takes to make your Samsung smartwatch turn on. Plug in the charging dock, place your Samsung Watch on it and proceed to wait for a couple of hours. If the device overheats, remove it from the charging dock and only resume charging after the temperature drops to normal. During recharge, a charging indicator should appear on the display screen but if you cannot see it, press and hold the Home button for a bit.

Replace The Battery 

You have been using your Samsung smartwatch for many years? In that case, it’s probably time to grab a new battery for the device. Besides potentially solving the on/off issue, a battery replacement would deliver a lot of benefits to your Samsung Watch. Nonetheless, to stay on the safe side, it’s widely advised that you stick to certified distributors while buying batteries.

Inspect The Charging Dock

Naturally, if the charging dock is damaged, there is no way you could recharge the battery of your Samsung Watch. Therefore, if you fail to notice any change on your Samsung smartwatch during recharge, give the charging dock a look. If the charging dock is in working order, you may skip to the next fix. On the other hand, if you detect signs of damage on the charging dock then it’s strongly recommended that you pick up a replacement.

Change The Power Source

From time to time, switching the power source would let Samsung Watch overcome hiccups that prevent it from turning on. Unplug the charging dock (with the Samsung Watch on) from its current power source and plug it into another one. If the original power source is the culprit, the recharge should progress with relative ease. However, in the case that your Samsung smartwatch still refuses to either receive charge or turn on, you cannot do much from your end now.

Visit A Service Center 

Look for a service center of Samsung near you and get your Samsung smartwatch there. For most of the time, personnel at the service center could at least tell you what is wrong with your Samsung Watch and provide consultation. Depending on the situation, you may have to leave the device at the service center until the repair wraps up. Of course, instead of dealing with the hassle of repairing, you always have the option of buying a new smartwatch.

Tips And Tricks For Owners Of Samsung Watch 

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Overall, Samsung Watch won’t turn on for many issues and some of which eventually occur as time passes by. Nonetheless, if you take certain precautions, you should be able to minimize the risk of errors on your Samsung smartwatch.

  • Check the battery level regularly: To prevent losses of capacity, modern smartwatches including those from Samsung automatically turn off before the battery level drops too low. Still, if you keep using your Samsung Watch until its battery depletes, you would soon experience a lot of headaches. Hence, it’s best to return Samsung Watch to the charging dock when the charge level of the device reduces to a single digit.
  • Remember to secure the watch: The smartwatch made by Samsung is a delicate device so it cannot handle physical impacts. That is why you have to secure your Samsung Watch at all times to stop it from being hit, dropped from height and so on.
  • Pay attention to software updates: Like many other Samsung electronics nowadays, Samsung Watch receives software updates that improve its performance. By keeping your Samsung smartwatch up-to-date, you could avoid a host of problems.


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