SOLVED! Samsung TV Volume Control Not Working

A wide range of factors affects audio performance of modern television but few prove as influential as volume. Thus, volume control is one of the features that homeowners frequently use while watching programs on today’s Samsung TVs. Similar to their contemporaries, Samsung televisions allow everyone to turn the volume up and down from afar using the volume control of the remote. Nonetheless, from time to time, reports about Samsung TV volume control not working still show up with various theories about cause and solutions.

Insights Into Unresponsive Volume Control

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Unable to change the volume of your Samsung TV via the volume control of its remote and have no idea why? Then this article is going to be of use to you. Down below is a troubleshooting guide that covers everything about hiccups with Samsung TV volume control.

What Might Have Gone Wrong: Compilation 

On Samsung televisions, different issues lead to different problems but once it comes to Samsung TV volume control not working, you must memorize these possibilities


Generally speaking, TVs made by Samsung operate smoothly in most of the cases but their performance still suffers from bugs on occasions. While many bugs cause nothing but mere inconveniences, some could disrupt various operations including the processing of remote signals. Because of that, if you fail to turn the volume of your Samsung television up and down, your first suspect should be bugs. Usually, the removal of bugs that plague Samsung TV involves minimal amounts of time and effort.

Corrupted Cache 

All in all, Samsung TVs use cached data to accelerate multiple tasks so the state of the cache dictates how smooth your television runs. If corruption exists in the cache, there is a very good chance that your TV would go haywire with features acting up now and then. That is why during the troubleshooting of unresponsive volume control, you have to keep corrupted cache in mind. As long as the cache remains corrupted, your Samsung television won’t return to normal.

Depleted Batteries 

Since the battery draw of remotes for Samsung TV is small, it’s going to take a long time for the batteries to deplete. That being said, if the charge of its batteries drops too low, your remote may have a hard time sending signals to the television. Cannot recall the last time you picked up replacement batteries for your remote? Then it’s strongly recommended that you take depleted batteries into account as you get to the bottom of the situation.

Damaged Transmitter/Receiver

For your information, to send signals, your remote relies on the transmitter and the receiver of your TV handles the processing of remote signals. In the case that both the transmitter and the receiver stay intact, you should be able to make changes as you like. On the other hand, if either the transmitter or the receiver sustains damages that compromise hardware, there is no way to manage TV settings remotely. Unless you address the damaged transmitter/receiver, you have to use the built-in volume control of your television to manipulate the volume.


In layman’s terms, your Samsung TV could only process remote signals if it’s in sync with its remote. That means if your television and its remote become desynced, it’s impossible to tweak the volume with the remote. One way to determine whether desynchronization is at fault is to push other buttons on the remote and see how things turn out. Assuming that your remote is incapable of applying any adjustments to the TV settings, the probability of desynchronization is high.

How To Get Volume Control Working Again 

When homeowners notice their Samsung TV volume control not working, they implement all sorts of measures to regain the use of volume control. However, if you care about efficiency and effectiveness, it’s suggested that you give the following fixes a try.

Turn The Television Off And On

If you suspect that the unresponsiveness of TV volume control is the work of bugs, turn it off and on again several times. For most of the time, you could push your television through on/off cycles by using the Power button on the remote. Besides that, you always have the option of using the Power button on the integral control. For good measure, it’s widely advised that you unplug and replug your TV at least once as well.

Clear The TV Cache 

  • Step 1: Press the Home button on the remote
  • Step 2: Open Settings
  • Step 3: Select Apps
  • Step 4: Go into each of the applications, select Clear cache to clear cache data and hit OK if prompted

Note: In the case that you surf the Internet using your Samsung TV, you must consider clearing the browning data of the web browser too. To do so, open the web browser, move to the Menu button and select Settings. Next, pick Privacy & Security, hit Delete Browsing Data and choose Yes to confirm. Following the clearing of browsing data, restart your TV.

Replace Batteries Of The Remote 

The batteries of your TV remote seem to have run out of juice? Then all you have to do is to replace the depleted batteries with new ones. It’s worth pointing out that since old batteries may leak chemical fluid, you need to be careful. Aside from that, check out the remote section in the owner’s manual of your TV to ensure that you grab the right type of batteries.

Inspect The Transmitter And Receiver

Look for signs of damages on the transmitter (remote) as well as receiver (TV). If you detect damages on the transmitter, it’s suggested that you buy a new remote. Still, if the receiver appears damaged, you have to contact customer service at the earliest opportunity. Without the right skills and tools, you could cause more damage to your TV while attempting to repair the receiver.

Resync The Remote 

Regarding desynchronization between televisions and remotes, resync is the ideal solution by all accounts. To resync a Samsung TV, you need to go through the steps down below.

  • Step 1: Turn on the TV
  • Step 2: Put some distance between you and your television
  • Step 3: Point the remote toward the TV
  • Step 4: Press and hold the Back Arrow button and the Pause button simultaneously
  • Step 5: When the TV display a message that says it’s connecting to the remote, let go of the buttons


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How come the volume symbol lingers on the screen? 

The volume symbol shows up as you increase and decrease the volume of your television. Usually, moments after you finish changing volume, the volume symbol is going to disappear. Nonetheless, if the volume symbol lingers, check to see if the volume control is stuck. Besides that, it’s a good idea to restart your TV a couple of times in case there is a bug.

Is it possible to set a volume limit on Samsung TVs?

To set a volume limit on televisions made by Samsung, go to Network, select Network on the pop-up menu and choose Network Settings. In the next part, pick Setup to use the Maximum Volume Level option. That would let you determine how loud your TV could be in the course of operation. Remember that prolonged exposure to high-decibel noises impairs hearing which is why you have to think it through.

What must be done to reset the sound settings of Samsung televisions?

  • Step 1: Open Settings
  • Step 2: Go to Sound
  • Step 3: Pick Expert Settings
  • Step 4: Choose Reset Sound
  • Step 5: Hit Reset

If things proceed smoothly, the sound settings of your Samsung TV should revert to the default configuration.

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