SOLVED! Samsung TV Plus Not Working

Compared to their contemporaries on the market nowadays, Samsung televisions provide people with quite a few benefits and Samsung TV Plus is a prime example. By using Samsung TV Plus, homeowners could access various extra channels at no additional cost which is a big plus. For most of the time, the straightforward performance of Samsung TV Plus allows it to guarantee a consistent viewing experience. However, reports of Samsung TV Plus not working still show up on occasions and that attracts a lot of attention.

Overviews Of Issues With Samsung TV Plus

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You cannot get Samsung TV Plus working on your television and don’t know why? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article would show you an in-depth guide on troubleshooting Samsung TV Plus service.

How Come Samsung TV Plus Won’t Work: Possibilities 

Generally speaking, televisions made by Samsung can develop certain problems but once it comes to issues with Samsung TV Plus, you should remember these suspects.


All in all, regardless of the optimization, today’s televisions including Samsung models nonetheless act up from time to time in the course of operations. Many hiccups on Samsung TV resolve by themselves before creating significant technical difficulties but some may lead to persisting errors. If you notice Samsung TV Plus not working on your television, it’s suggested that you take hiccups into account. Usually, you don’t have to do a lot of work to address hiccups that impair operations of Samsung TVs.

Corrupted Cache 

For your information, Samsung televisions tend to utilize cached data to accelerate the performance of their features and Samsung TV Plus is not an exemption. Needless to say,  the condition of the cache of your television would affect the way that Samsung TV Plus functions. If there is nothing wrong with the TV cache, Samsung TV Plus is going to work smoothly around the clock. On the other hand, if the TV cache becomes corrupted, there is a chance that Samsung TV Plus could go haywire out of the blue.

Errors In Network Settings

In layman’s terms, the network settings of a Samsung televisions regulate its network connections. Since Samsung TV Plus is a service that involves Internet connections, the network settings of your television influence its performance. Hence, in the case that you have a hard time using Samsung TV Plus, you must think about network settings. Assuming that your situation with Samsung TV Plus service is the result of errors in network settings, restoring the network setting should do the trick.

Unstable Internet Connection 

To see channels that Samsung TV Plus offers, you have to secure a stable connection for your Samsung television beforehand. That is why if the internet connection of your television runs into problems, Samsung TV Plus would naturally be unavailable. Unless you manage to address the issues with connection, your TV is unable to display channels on Samsung TV Plus. It’s noteworthy that while you could take care of some connection troubles from your end, others necessitate technical assistance from the Internet service provider.


Samsung releases updates for televisions every now and then to refine their functions in use. Samsung TV Plus also benefits from updates because they improve inter-compatibility between TV modules. Unsurprisingly, if you neglect the updates of your television, Samsung TV Plus is going to face a number of errors. On the bright side, by updating the software and firmware of your TV to the latest version, you should be able to deal with obsolescence.

Solutions For Issues With Samsung TV Plus

People resort to all sorts of fixes after they notice Samsung TV Plus not working. Nonetheless, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, several measures score a bit better than others.


“When in doubt, restart” is a piece of advice that is applicable to a wide range of troubles on televisions. Despite its simplicity, restart excels at removing hiccups which allow televisions to resume normal operation. In the beginning, you should turn off your TV, wait for a couple of minutes then turn it back on. If Samsung TV Plus is still unavailable, turn off the television, remove the plug, re-plug the plug and proceed to turn it on again.

Clear The Cache 

Once it comes to oddities caused by corruptions in the cache of TVs, clearing the cache is the best solution. To clear the cache of a Samsung television, you have to go through these steps.

  • Step 1: Visit Settings
  • Step 2: Open TV Device Manager
  • Step 3: Clear cached memory, close unused background apps and delete unnecessary data by pressing choosing corresponding options

Enter DNS Address Manually 

Overall, people could tackle errors in network settings of Samsung TVs via certain ways but many pick manual DNS address. In case you don’t know, Samsung TVs acquire DNS address automatically by default which is sufficient for most situations. That being said, when network settings experience issues for some reason, automatic acquisition of DNS address only exacerbates the situation. By entering DNS address manually, homeowners have a chance of eliminating anomalies in network settings.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Select Network tab, pick Network Status and choose IP settings
  • Step 3: Open DNS settings, hit Enter manually and type in “”
  • Step 4: Apply the changes
  • Step 5: Restart the TV

Inspect The Internet Connection

If you connect your TV to the Internet via wired connection, it’s strongly recommended that you take a close look at the Ethernet cable. Sometimes, the Ethernet cable sustains damages and prevents televisions from establishing a stable Internet connection. You use wireless connection to view online content on your TV? Then you have to determine whether the router that generates WiFi networks is working.

Feel free to get in touch with the Internet service provider to sort things out.

Update The TV 

In the case that your Internet connection is still up, you could update the software as well as firmware of your TV with relative ease. You simply have to open Settings, pick Support, choose Software Update and select Update Now.

If Internet connection is unavailable, you have to take the long way to bring your Samsung television up-to-date. First, you must download the latest updates of your TV model from the Samsung website. Second, extract the software and firmware updates to a USB and proceed to plug that USB into your Samsung television. Third, update the TV but when it asks, remember to select USB as the source.


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How many channels could I see on Samsung TV Plus?

Plenty of factors affect the number of channels available on Samsung TV Plus but on average, people should be able to pick up over 100 channels. When a need arises, you may apply changes to the list of channels on Samsung TV Plus via Edit Channels.

Is it true that I don’t have to pay anything to use Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung offers Samsung TV Plus as a free service to customers so you could use it as long as you see fit without incurring charges. However, while viewing content on Samsung TV Plus, you have to put up with advertisements.

What needs to be done to remove Samsung TV Plus?

Essentially, Samsung TV Plus is an integrated part of Samsung televisions which means it’s impossible to remove it completely. Still, by getting rid of all the channels in Samsung TV Plus, you would have an easy time keeping it from appearing on the screen. It’s worth pointing out that Samsung TV Plus receives new channels periodically so you have to keep removing channels. Also, you always have the option of removing Samsung TV Plus from the app screen.

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