SOLVED! Samsung TV Not Detecting Any Wireless Network

Generally speaking, once it comes to connecting Samsung televisions to the Internet, homeowners usually have two choices: wired and wireless. While wired connection (Ethernet) remains in use, various people connect their TVs to wireless networks for the ease of convenience. Normally, connecting televisions made by Samsung televisions to WiFi is a no-nonsense process that requires mere moments to complete. That being said, troubles still take place and Samsung TV not detecting any wireless network is the topic of many complaints about the connection process.

Overviews Of The Failure Of WiFi Detection 

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Your Samsung TV is unable to connect to wireless networks around it and you don’t know what to do? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to show you all the information about the failure of WiFi detection on modern Samsung televisions, causes as well as solutions.

Samsung TV Failing To Detect WiFi: Possibilities 

Overall, televisions made by Samsung could develop certain issues in the course of operation but regarding WiFi detection failure, you should remember the following suspects


By investing heavily in software optimization, Samsung is capable of putting together televisions that perform consistently as time passes by. Nonetheless, Samsung TVs may act up from time to time which impairs a wide range of operations including WiFi detection. That is why if your television fails to detect wireless networks out of the blue, you must think about hiccups. Assuming the failure of WiFi detection is the result of hiccups, things automatically return to normal if you manage to get the hiccups to disappear.

Corrupted Cache 

In case you don’t know, Samsung TVs utilize cached data in multiple processes and that is why the cache dictates aspects of their performance. If the cache of your television is in good condition, you should be able to do everything that you like. On the other hand, if the cache becomes corrupted for some reason, there is a chance that functions of your TV would go haywire. One of the potential consequences of that is WiFi detection failure so it’s wise to give cache some thought.


To ensure that its television could keep pace with competitors, Samsung releases a number of updates every now and then. The updates not only enhance the TV performance but also remove bugs that plague functions. Hence, if you neglect the updates of your TV, it’s only a matter of time before oddities show up. Unsurprisingly, countless articles that cover the topic of Samsung TV not detecting any wireless network list obsolescence among the culprits.

Problems With The Router 

Nothing is out of the ordinary with your Samsung TV but you have a hard time connecting to WiFi nonetheless? In that case, you may want to take a look at the WiFi router to see whether it’s working. Essentially, the router is responsible for the generation of wireless networks which means if it experiences issues in use, other devices cannot connect to WiFi. Unless the router resumes operation, it’s impossible to connect your TV to the Internet.

Service Outage 

Internet Service Providers (ISP) implement measures to maintain access to the Internet for the customers in all sorts of situations. However, homeowners still run into service outages on occasions and that leads to extensive disruptions. If you conclude that the cause of failure of WiFi detection is not on your end, a service outage is the last possibility to consider. Unfortunately, once it comes to service outages, there isn’t much you can do by yourself to restore Internet access.

How To Resolve WiFi Detection Failure 

Regarding Samsung TV not detecting any wireless network, different people often resort to different fixes. That being said, if you prioritize the odds of success, it’s strongly recommended that you try out these methods.

Turn TV Off And On

By turning your Samsung television off and on several times, you could get rid of most hiccups with relative ease. Via the remote of your TV, you should be able to execute as many on/off cycles as you wish. Besides that, you always have the option of unplugging and plugging the television if you fail to find its remote. Nonetheless, to avoid compromising the integrity of hardware, don’t turn your Samsung TV off and on in quick succession.

Clear The TV Cache 

  • Step 1: Turn on the TV, press the Home button on the remote and pick Settings
  • Step 2: Choose Apps
  • Step 3: Open System apps
  • Step 4: Clear the cache of applications individually
  • Step 5: Restart the TV

Update The Software 

Usually, Samsung televisions update their software via Internet connection so if your TV cannot connect to wireless networks, you have two choices:

  • Update the television using wired connection: Grab an Ethernet cable, connect one end to the router and plug the other end into your television. Next, open Settings, choose General, pick Network and select OK. If your Samsung TV confirms the establishment of Internet connection, open Settings, choose Support, pick Software Updates and select Update Now. Wait until the update process concludes then see if your TV could detect wireless networks.
  • Update the television using flash drive: Turn on your computer, go to Samsung website and download the latest update available for your TV model. Afterward, extract the update to a flash drive and plug the flash drive into your TV. In the next part, open Settings, choose Support, pick Software Updates and select Update Now. Follow the onscreen instruction to initiate the update of software using flash drive.

Check Out The Router 

Inspect the WiFi router for signs of damage, especially around the antennas. Depending on your finding, you may have to look for a new router. In the case that the router seems intact, proceed to restart it a couple of times and attempt to connect the TV to WiFi again. Additionally, it’s a good idea to relocate sources of interference in the vicinity to facilitate network detection.

Get In Touch With ISP

You suspect that a service outage is preventing your TV from connecting to the Internet? Then it’s widely advised that you contact your service provider at the earliest opportunity. If there is a service outage, you would be able to at least get an estimate about when Internet connection comes back online. Even if a service outage isn’t the case, by contacting the ISP, you could receive consultation about the detection failure of your TV.


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Do Samsung TVs work with all WiFi frequencies?

The majority of modern television made by Samsung should connect to 2.4GHz and 5GHz wireless networks without much difficulty. Still, it’s worth pointing out that several models only connect to networks on 2.4GHz and cannot detect 5GHz ones. Hence, if you own a 5GHz router, it’s best to stick to TV models that support the 5GHz frequency. For most of the time, you could determine whether a TV is compatible with 5GHz WiFi frequency by reading its owner’s manual.

Is there a way to speed up the Internet connection of Samsung televisions? 

To accelerate the Internet speed of Samsung TV, you could change the DNS address from Auto to Manual and enter Besides that, you should think about connecting your TV to the router via wired instead of wireless connection to minimize delays. Limiting the number of devices connected to the Internet at the same also helps a lot as that frees up the bandwidth. Finally, if you have money to spend, you may want to upgrade the Internet plan.

Could I watch Samsung TV without Internet connection? 

To put it plainly, you don’t need Internet connection to watch your Samsung television. However, if there is no Internet connection, it’s impossible to view contents of streaming applications such as Netflix, Hulu, Vudu, etc.

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