SOLVED! Samsung Smart TV Won’t Find WiFi

Generally speaking, thanks to the incorporation of innovations, Samsung Smart TV outmatch standard models in a wide range of aspects. With Samsung Smart TV in the house, modern homeowners could entertain themselves with all sorts of contents at any time. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Samsung Smart TV only perform to its full potential with Internet connections. Needless to say, among issues about Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Smart TV won’t find WiFi is one of the most annoying ones.

An Analysis Of Samsung Smart TV Not Finding WiFi

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Your Samsung Smart TV is unable to find WiFi networks in the vicinity and you don’t know why? In that case, you have come to the right place. This article is going to show you everything that you must keep in mind about the difficulty to find WiFi on Samsung Smart TV.

The One Responsible: Usual Suspects 

Various factors could prevent features of Samsung Smart TV from performing as designed but if your television cannot find WiFI, you should consider these possibilities


Despite the excellent optimization, Samsung Smart TV still acts up from time to time in the course of operation. Many of the hiccups that appear on Samsung Smart TV resolve by themselves so there is no need to do much. That being said, certain hiccups may impair operations like finding nearby WiFi unless you manage to take proper measures. As a result, if your Samsung television fails to find the local WiFi network, it’s strongly recommended that you take hiccups into account.


To keep up with changes, Samsung periodically releases updates for its televisions which add new features, patch software bugs, etc. In the case that you keep your TV up-to-date, it’s going to work smoothly around the clock. On the other hand, if you neglect updates, your Samsung Smart TV becomes obsolete and the difficulty to find WiFi is one of the potential consequences. Luckily, if obsolescence is the one that gives your television a hard time, it’s simple to return the situation to normal.


Overall, WiFi networks eliminate the hassle of managing cables but people have to keep one thing in mind at all times: range. If homeowners set up devices outside the range of routers, they won’t be able to connect to WiFi. Naturally, in articles that address the issue of Samsung Smart TV not finding WiFi, range comes up every now and then. As long as the distance between televisions and routers exceeds the WiFi range, it’s impossible to establish connections.


In layman’s terms, WiFi routers dictate various aspects of wireless networks such as signal strength, connection speed, number of devices, …  Because of that, if your Samsung Smart TV is incapable of finding WiFi in its surroundings, you must give the router some thought. The moment routers experience problems, their ability to maintain wireless networks often suffers which prevents devices from finding WiFi. Usually, your television could pick up WiFi once again if you resolve the troubles that plague the router.

Service Provider 

Besides your television failing to find WiFi, nothing is out of the ordinary on your end? Then there is a very good chance that your service provider is at fault here. While service providers tend to implement multiple precautions, it’s not uncommon for service blackouts to occur out of the blue. During service blackouts, devices like televisions should have difficulty finding WiFi regardless of what homeowners do.

How To Get Samsung Smart TV To Find WiFi 

Different errors have different fixes but if you like to restore Internet connection as fast as possible, try out the following solutions.


It’s no coincidence that restart is one of the first things that technical assistants advise people to perform when their electronics go haywire. By restarting your Samsung Smart TV, you could get rid of the hiccups that interfere with its functions. To restart Samsung Smart TV, press the Menu button on the remote, go to Settings, select Support, choose Self Diagnostic and tap Reset. Next, enter the code (default: 0000) then pick Yes to confirm.

If you cannot find the remorse, feel free to unplug and replug your television to simulate restart. For good measure, after unplugging Samsung Smart TV, wait at least 5 minutes before replugging it.

Update The Television 

Assuming that the difficulty to find WiF on your TV is the result of obsolescence, all you have to do is to update it. With WiFi out of the question, you have two ways to update your Samsung Smart TV: Ethernet and USB.

  • Ethernet: Use an Ethernet cable to connect your television to the router to give it access to the Internet. Afterward, go to Settings, select Support and choose Software Updates. In there, choose Update Now to initiate the installation of the latest update available for your TV. Upon the competition of the update, determine whether your television is able to find the close-by WiFi network
  • USB: In the beginning, plug a blank USB into your computer. Subsequently, visit the Samsung website, hove the mouse to Support and click Manual & Software. In the next part, download the latest update available for your TV to the USB then extract it. Following extraction, plug the USB into your television, select Update Now like with Ethernet but you need to choose update via USB when prompted.

Consider Closing The Distance 

Between the router and Samsung Smart TV, you should move one closer to the other so your television gets into the range of WiFi networks. If you have yet to secure your TV, it’s widely advised that you move it to a spot near the router. Nonetheless, if you like the location of your television, you have to think about relocating the router. In any case, keep an eye on the cables so you don’t yank them out by mistake while rearranging your TV/router.

Note: You always have the option of attaching a cell phone signal booster to your router to extend the range of wireless networks. Signal boosters remove the need to move things around but they would cost you.

Check Out The Router 

Since routers only generate wireless networks if they get enough power, make sure that your router is plugged in. In addition, it’s suggested that you inspect the router for damages, especially around the antenna. If your router sustains damages, you may want to pick up a replacement at the earliest opportunity. Lastly, see if the WiFi frequency of the router is compatible with your television as incompatibility could lead to failure of network detention.

Contact The Service Provider 

If your Samsung Smart TV won’t find WiFi and you suspect a service blackout, don’t hesitate to reach out to your service provider. Nowadays, it’s a breeze to get in touch with service providers when a need arises. By dropping by the website of your service provider, you would be able to acquire contact information including phone numbers, emails, fax and so on. It’s worth pointing out that the time it takes for a response to arrive varies from case to case so be patient.


How to Connect External Speakers to Samsung Smart TV

Which WiFi frequency works with Samsung televisions?

Most televisions made by Samsung could connect to 2.4GHz networks but only a number of models work with 5GHz ones. Hence, to avoid spending big bucks on incompatible setups, it’s a good idea to read the owner’s manual of televisions and routers.

What is DNS anyway?

DNS stands for Domain Name System and it plays a key role in setting up Internet connections on numerous devices including Samsung Smart TV. Your Samsung television tends to acquire DNS on its own but in times of need, you may set DNS manually.

Could I use my Samsung Smart TV without Internet connections?

To put it plainly, if your Samsung Smart TV won’t find WiFi, it’s still possible to watch programs on various channels. However, without Internet connections, there is no way to access online content which is a handicap in the modern age.

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