SOLVED! Samsung Remote Blinking Red

While televisions made by Samsung usually incorporate built-in controls, the average homeowners use remotes to apply changes to settings. Versatile and flexible, Samsung remotes allow people to optimize their experience in front of the TV screen with relative ease. That being said, it’s not uncommon for Samsung remotes to go haywire in use. Reports of issues that involve Samsung remotes pop up from time to time and Samsung remote blinking red is one of the most common topics.

An Analysis Of The Blinking 

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Notice your Samsung remote blinking red from time to time but don’t know what to do with it? If that is the case then this article is exactly what you need at the moment. Down below, you would find all the information about why Samsung remotes blink red and how to make them stop.

Samsung Remote Blinking Red: Causes

In the course of operation, Samsung remotes may run into various problems but regarding the blinking, you must consider these possibilities.


All in all, the straightforward nature of remotes means they perform well for most of the time. Nonetheless, it’s worth pointing out that remotes still develop a number of hiccups every now and then. Usually, hiccups on remotes vanish over time so there is no need to do anything but some could create persisting oddities such as consistent blinking. Unsurprisingly, once it comes to Samsung remote blinking red, a lot of articles include hiccups in their list of suspects.

Low-Power Batteries 

Similar to many of their contemporaries on the market, Samsung remotes draw power from batteries to transmit signals to televisions. If the batteries have enough power to sustain the operation of remotes, you should have an easy time changing the settings. On the other hand, if the batteries reach depletion, Samsung remotes cannot pair with television which leads to the blinking. Fortunately, if the batteries happen to be at fault, it just takes a bit of work to return your remote to normal.


Generally speaking, the range of Samsung remotes is decent but it’s far from infinity. In the case that you move your remote out of range, it’s going to be unpaired with televisions and the consequence is incessant blinking. Thus, if the distance between you and your television is large when the remote starts blinking, you need to give range some thought. Unless you manage to close the distance to pair your remote again, there is a very good chance it will keep blinking.


You literally stand beside the television but you still see your Samsung remote blinking red? Then it’s best to take obstacles into account. For your information, you could only apply settings changes from a distance if nothing stands between your remote and the television. If obstacles prevent remote signals from reaching the television, the remote may blink red until you get rid of the obstruction.

Damages To Components 

Whenever you turn on the TV, it’s highly likely that you would use your remote to change the channel, increase/decrease volume, etc. The more you use your remote, the higher the odds of its components sustaining damages as time passes by. For instance, rough handling is going to cause some of the buttons to get stuck which results in continuous transmitting of signals. The tell-tale sign of stuck buttons on remotes is the continuous blinking of the transmitter.

Solutions For The Blinking 

Quite a few fixes for the blinking of Samsung remotes but in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, some stand out from the rest.


Even as electronics get more and more advanced, restart remains one of the top solutions for hiccups. Needless to say, regarding oddities in Samsung remote, most people agree that it’s a good idea to restart first. For standard remotes, take out the batteries, wait several minutes, put back the batteries then press and hold the Power button for ten seconds. If you own a smart model, press and hold the B and C buttons at the same time before entering 981 as the remote flashes.

Replace The Batteries 

Suspect that batteries of your remote can no longer provide enough power to sustain its operation? In that case, don’t hesitate to pick up new batteries at the earliest opportunity. Assuming that your remote acts up due to depleted batteries, it should resume operation as soon as it gets battery replacements. To be thorough, check out the owner’s manual to ensure that you get proper batteries for your remote.

Close The Distance

Grab your remote, approach your television and proceed to pair your remote. If things progress smoothly, your remote would be able to work like normal the moment the pairing wraps up. From here on out, it’s strongly recommended that you stay close to your TV while changing the settings. To preempt future problems in the future, you have to consider relocating to the TV if the original location proves too far from you.

Remove The Obstacles 

In the beginning, get rid of everything that could stop the signal of your remote from reaching the television. Next, it’s suggested that you look around for electronics that may interfere with the performance of remotes. Sometimes, by moving specific sources of signal interference away from the vicinity, the blinking in the remote automatically comes to an end. Lastly, pair your remote to the television to see whether it keeps blinking red.

Buy A New Remote

If the blinking persists and you have had enough with that, it’s probably time to retire your remote. Nowadays, getting new remotes for Samsung televisions is a walk in the park and the expense for replacement is low. Also, you always have the option of buying general-purpose remotes that work on a wide range of televisions. Still, as a precaution, stick to reputable retailers as you shop for replacement remotes.


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Should I remember anything about the compatibility of Samsung remotes? 

To put it plainly, Samsung remotes work with all television made by Samsung so there is no need to bother with compatibility. Nonetheless, to make full use of the functionality of your  TV, you should get the remote purposely designed for it. It’s noteworthy that some of the newer Samsung remotes on the market have backward compatibility. Of course, feel free to go with general-purpose remotes if you wish.

How much do I have to spend on a new Samsung remote?

Different models cost different amounts but the price of ordinary Samsung remotes stays around a dozen dollars. Hence, squeezing a new remote into the spending plan is a piece of cake.

Is it possible to change TV settings if I cannot locate my remote?

In a pinch, you could use the built-in buttons on your television to apply changes to settings. In addition to that, by taking advantage of certain third-party applications, it’s possible to turn smartphones into improvised remotes.


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