SOLVED! downloading and installing apk files on phones and PC

If you want to explore new treasure and get rid of the common errors when trying to access the so-called traditional app store Google Play, you can rejoice your choice when downloading apk file of applications through our open-source third-party site. You will get no skeptical thoughts counting on your web as we specialize in the provision of original and pure apk files for your intended purpose. 

Application apk file

download apk

Before heading to the download of any application, you should instill in mind the basis of an apk file to avoid any risks in the long run. This tutorial will deal with some Apk file-related questions. Read on to grasp your own information.

What is an apk file?

Basically, a file with the extension “apk” is an app, but it is exclusively designed to work on Android platform to download and install applications. Users can download the app file from the outside party instead of going to Google Play for the same purpose. 

The needs to download apk files

Here, the question arising is, in which cases do we need to download apk files? To solve the wonder, let’s list out some scenarios in which you, as a user, feel the need to seek for an app apk:

  1. The systematic errors of Google Play, at certain times, deter users from getting access to the source to download their desired app. The download pending error of Google Play when users hit the button download is also an annoyance, which makes them switch to download apps from outside sources.
  2. The users prefer to play games or using other applications on their PCs/ Laptop for better visual performance. The limitation of the pocketed-sized screen of their mobile platform might not bring them to the fullest experience.
  3. The Android version of the user’s phone is not compatible with the version of the application that is available on Google Store. 
  4. Users cannot install their desired app on their phone because of the unavailability of Wi-fi or data network. For that reason, they might come back to the manual downloading process. To be more specific, they have to download apk file into the SD card and then transfer it to their mobile phone to install the app later.

How to download and install app apk files

Whatever your desired application is, we also have the apk file of your wish available in our web. And you no longer have to worry about the compatibility between your devices and the app as every app is along with both the old version and new version. We also update the latest apk files whenever the app’s developer release a new one. In this writing, we will take Plex media server as an example. The download of other application apk files follows the same procedure as below. Hence, you can apply this extensive and detailed tutorial for your desired one.

Download and install apk file on Android Mobile Phones

The steps to successfully download an apk file for Android mobile is really simple and you can install any app within a few minutes. Remember that you should download the latest version APK of the application to avoid any further issues.

Before you download an app APK on Android phone, you will have to change some settings, which is to enable Unknown Sources Option on Android devices.

Here is how we can enable Unknown Sources:

  1. Head to Settings and scroll down to click on Security
  2. From Security, go to Unknown Sources and enable the option. 

With this security permission, you are now allowed to download and install apps without being blocked from a place rather than the official app store, Google Play. Now, you can jump into the detailed guide below to have an application for your Android phone.

Step 1: Open a web browser and navigate to our official webpage– milagromobilemarketing. You will see a green search bar on the left corner of your screen, click on it, type in as your app’s name and tap Search. The system will come back to you with some results and you click on the app’s name of your wish. 

Below is the image of the search result when we look for “Plex”


Step 2: Tap on Download. Then the system will show up a notification to ask for your confirmation. Continue the downloading process by hitting on OK.

Step 3: After finishing downloading the file, you go to the folder where you save the Apk file, tap on it and then click on Install to begin the installation.

When your app is installed, you will see Open option to launch the application. You can launch the app immediately or later, you can go to your apps and launch it from the Apps option of your Android. See the example of Plex below.

This is all about how to download and install a specific apk on Android phones. Now, you can enjoy the convenience of any application on a mobile platform.

Download and install app apk file on PCs/ Laptop 

Basically, not all applications are supported in Windows 7/8/10 & Mac PC or Laptops. Hence, to have desktop-based apps, Android emulator will involve in the downloading process on PCs. First, you need to install Android emulator on your PC beforehand and then start the installation of your desired app.

There are many emulator software in the marketplace such as Bliss, Archon, Nox Player, etc; however, we recommend you to install Bluestacks emulator on your device. This emulator is updated with user-friendly features and it works well on most recent PCs.

This writing will guide you two ways to download any application for free, namely using PC’s browser and emulator software’s browser. We use Plex as an illustration for the download.

Download and install apk via PC’s browser

Step 1: Start a browser and head over our website. In the search bar, you type as in the app of your wish. Then, click on the matching app from your search results.

For instance, after looking for Plex, the system gets back to you with three results.

search milagromobilemarketing

Step 2: Click on the Download button and sit back until the download is finished.

download file apk on pc

Step 3: Next step, launch BlueStacks on your Windows. As the emulator is relatively heavy, it will take a bit long to completely finish the launch. Then, you go to its home screen and click on Install apk (3 vertical dots) next to Installed apps.

install apk

Step 4: A popup window will immediately appear. You find and insert  the apk file then tap on Open. After a couple of seconds, the app will show up on Bluestacks and you can open the app right away.
In the image below, after choosing the right package name of Plex, you click on Open to install the app.

 choose and opne file apk

Download apk via Bluestacks’ browser

Step 1: After opening Bluestacks, on its home screen, you tap on the up arrow More apps to begin the browser. 

install apk on bluestacks

Step 2: Head over, look for your desired app by typing its name on the search bar and then click on Download. You confirm the notification prompting by hitting on OK.

click 0download apk file

Step 3: Open the downloaded APK, click on Install to begin app’s installation on your computer. After the app symbol appears at the home screen of Bluestacks, you can tap on Open to experience the app right now.

open file apk

To sum up, we’ve just instructed you to download and install any application on both Android and PCs/ Laptops platform via a third party site. Hope with the detailed instructions above, you can easily get your favorite app on your devices.