SOLVED! How To Turn Off Message Blocking

As the name suggests, message blocking is an option that prevents messages from reaching the recipients. By taking advantage of message blocking, phone users should be able to sever contact with particular numbers in times of need. However, if message blocking is active even though people have no intention of using it, communication is going to experience disruptions. Unsurprisingly, those that receive the message blocking notification but don’t recall enabling it all care about one thing: how to turn off message blocking.

Overviews Of  “Message Blocking Is Active” Notification 

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Your phone keeps showing a notification that says “message blocking is active” as you send out text messages? In the case that you want some answers, this article is for you. Down below, you would find everything you must keep in mind about message blocking.

A Couple Of Suspects

On modern devices, notifications appear for a reason and once it comes to message blocking, it’s strongly recommended that you consider the following.


Compared to their predecessors, phones nowadays incorporate quite a few features but the numbers of bugs they may experience increase too. Many bugs resolve by themselves over time but several could cause long-lasting troubles to various option settings including message blocking. As a result, if you come across the message blocking notification out of the blue, you should give bugs some thought. For most of the time, you would be able to get rid of bugs on your phone with relative ease.


The message blocking notification only pops up while you text particular numbers? Then there is a very good chance that either you or the recipient of your message belong to the blocklist of the other party. As long as the blocklist contains the number of your phone/your contact, message blocking is going to stop the delivery messages. On the bright side, it’s a breeze to determine whether the blocklist is at fault and lift the message blocking accordingly.


To put it plainly, you have to include texting in the plan of your phone to send out text messages. Needless to say, in the case that your plan lacks texting, it’s impossible to text people in the list of contacts. Also, it’s widely advised that you take the balance of your plan into account before moving on. If the balance proves too low for message sending, you cannot text others until you raise it to a sufficient level.


For your information, different countries use different codes so if you cross international borders, you must change the code prior to texting. Naturally, if you fail to use proper code as you text contacts, your message won’t reach the recipient.


Today’s service providers have extensive network coverage but the availability of service still changes from location to location. If you send out text messages when you stay in a spot with strong reception, the odds of successful delivery should be high. On the other hand, if the reception is less than ideal, the delivery of messages could end in failure. It’s worth pointing out that on occasions, network-wide difficulties may occur and lead to malfunctions in the delivery process.

Turning Off Message Blocking: Hints 

Regarding how to turn off message blocking, a lot of methods exist but if you like to resume texting at once, try out these fixes.


Generally speaking, for bugs on phones, restart is by all accounts one of the best solutions available. By restarting your device several times, you can eliminate the bugs that plague operations of your devices which bring everything back to normal. Depending on the models, certain phones integrate built-in restart settings but feel free to turn your device off and on to simulate restarts. In any case, to protect the integrity of hardware, you should refrain from restarting in quick succession.

Think About The Blocklist 

Assuming that the message blocking notification appears because message blocking is active, you need to check out the blocklist. If you find the number of the one you wish to text in the blocklist, delete it to lift the message blocking. Aside from that, it’s a good idea to call your contact directly then see whether the call is able to get through. If you cannot reach your contact, the possibility of your number being locked is real and you have to use other means of communication.

Check Out The Plan

Turn on your phone, go to the plan settings of your phone and look for the send/receive text message option. In the case that your plan features the option for texting, you could proceed to skip to the next fix. Nonetheless, if the send/receive text message option is nowhere in sight, your plan may not support texting. To gain the ability of texting, you have to get in touch with the service provider to adjust your plan.

Take Code Into Account 

If you and your contacts don’t stay in the same country, you must think about the code while troubleshooting message blocking. Usually, it’s possible to determine the country code to use by searching around the Internet. After adding the code to the number, you should have an easy time sending text messages to contacts on your phone as you see fit. Noteworthily, specific devices boast an option that automatically adds suitable country codes for international calling and texting.

Assess The Network Coverage 

Generally speaking, network coverage affects the delivery of messages so if you see the message blocking notification, consider the availability of service. One way to decide the strength of reception is to check the signal bars on your phone. Get to high ground if the signal bars of the device indicate below average reception. Of course, you could attempt to contact the service provider if you keep having problems with texting.


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How to add a number to the blocklist?

  • Step 1: Open the Message application
  • Step 2: Select the number to block
  • Step 3: Choose block in the settings

Besides using the blocklist of the Message app, you could install third-party blocking applications. Such apps tend to provide more choices for blocking contacts than Message applications.

What must be done to remove a number from the blocklist?

Once it comes to how to turn off message blocking, removing numbers from the block list is essential knowledge. In most of the cases, you only need to locate the blocklist, choose the number to remove and tap the remove option.

Is it possible to send text messages to those that block me?

Technically, you should be able to bypass message blocking if you use certain procedures (applications, texting services, email addresses, etc). Still, if you abuse the ability to text messages regardless of the desire of your contacts, you may get into trouble with the authority. If your contacts block you by mistakes, you can clear things up through texting. In the case that people block your number because they no longer want to talk to you, respect their wish.

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