SOLVED! How to Solve Android Auto Not Working with S8

If you are reading this article, you must have an issue or concern about the connection between your Galaxy S8 and Android Auto. So, milagromobilemarketing is going to give you thorough ways to fix Android auto not working with s8 in this troubleshooting tutorial. 

android auto not working with s8

About Android Auto

What is Android Auto? It’s just like Apple Car Play, an app that mirrors some of your Android phone’s functions onto your car’s infotainment screen in order to encourage motorists to keep their eyes on the road, their hands on the steering wheel or sometimes their ears on the music too.

One of the best features of Android Auto is the Google Map powered navigation system, which gives you a very detailed direction and automatically finds an alternative route if it detects heavy congestion. Moreover, Android Auto can access to millions of songs and podcasts, surf the web, stay in touch with friends by phone calls or messages.

Android Auto also integrates with Google Assistant, which means instead of typing or searching for something on Google manually, you just say “OK, Google” then ask something that it can do for you. With voice commands, you can reply to messages using speech to text technology. Remember that your smartphone’s screen will be locked when Android Auto is active.

android auto

We can name some apps associated with Android Auto like Spotify, Skype, Whatsapp, iHeart Radio, Waze, Pandora, etc.

Android Auto is compatible with many Android phones with various versions and enormous types of cars. Yet Galaxy S8 users complained that there is an issue in the connection. They have stated that the issue is faced while trying to pair the device with Android Auto, and even if the pairing is done, few apps such as Spotify don’t work.

Check your devices

This problem is likely to be attributable to the uncareful connection between car and S8.

Check your phone is charging

If your phone isn’t charging when you plug it into the car, it is possible that your USB ports get debris or dust. Change the USB ports then.

Use the correct USB cable

It’s important to use the USB cable that goes with your phone, especially the one that’s supported by your phone’s manufacturer.

Connect your phone and your car via Bluetooth

Make sure your car has Bluetooth active and your phone and car are connected to each other. Yet you still need to connect your phone to your car with a USB cable.

Enable the Android Auto app in your car

Go and check if you forget to enable it in the car’s settings menu or not.

Fix Android Auto Not Working with S8

Android Auto Not Working with S8

Method 1: Reinstall the Android Auto

Here is how to solve it:

1. Restart your Galaxy S8 first.

2. Uninstall and reinstall Android Auto and especially noticed the instructions while setting it up again.

3. Pair the devices again to see if it works.

In case the connection is still failed, you should uninstall both the apps then install the faulty app right after downloading successfully Android Auto.

Method 2: Reconnect your phone to Android Auto

1. First, you should unplug your device from the car.

2. Open the Android Auto app on your Galaxy S8 smartphone.

3. Select Menu -> Settings -> Connected cars

4. Uncheck the box next to “Add new cars to Android Auto” setting

5. Try plugging your phone into the car again

6. Finally, make sure that Android Auto is turned on.


To sum up, milagromobilemarketing has shown you effective ways to fix Android Auto Not Working with S8, we hope that these methods work for your phone. Feel free to leave a comment to let us know your problems, or you can go to our website: Milagromobilemarketing to explore many other interesting things. Thanks for reading!

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