SOLVED! Different Way to Run Android Apps on Mac

iOS may be a better platform at security or processing speed for users, but Android has a huge content of apps and games that are worth exploring. However, you can now do this on your Mac, even if you don’t own an Android device. My post will show you different ways how to run Android apps on Mac for different purposes.

run android app on mac
How to run Android apps on Mac



Bluestacks is the most popular Android emulator for both the Windows platform and the Mac platform. It allows users to run Android apps at the same time as running their Mac apps. If your specifications of your Mac are good enough, it can handle multiple apps with ease.

How to install and use Bluestacks on Mac?

Installing and using BlueStacks is very simple. You need to download the free installer from the official site of BlueStacks and run it. Once the installation is done, it may take a few seconds for starting up. Then you can log your Google account in Bluestack to run Google Play to install apps that you want. If you don’t want to use your Google account in the emulator, you can go to some websites providing APK files to download. You can refer to ApkTovi to have more safe and pure APK files

Pros and Cons of Bluestacks


  • BlueStacks is easy to install and use
  • Quick installation processes
  • Performance is optimized best for running apps


  • It consumes a lot of RAM and increases CPU usage.
  • Not much suitable for gaming or developing


Nox Player Mac

If you want to play high- quality Android games on Mac, Nox Player Mac will be the best option. Nox prioritizes speed and performance. There are also some gaming features in Nox such as screen capture, on-screen button mapping, etc. Nox runs apps smoothly as well.

How to install Nox Player Mac?

The installation process of Nox Player Mac is similar to Bluestacks, as well as some other emulators. You just need to download the installer on the official website and run the installer in a few seconds, then you can start to use it.

Pros and cons of Nox Player Mac


  • Easy to install and get started
  • Performance is optimized best for high- quality games
  • Advanced features like keyboard mapping and location manipulation


  • Not suitable for developing purpose
  • Runs on Android KitKat automatically



Genymotion is an innovative way to run Android apps on Mac, especially to test Android applications. It allows users to create a big variety of Android configurations for testing. You can change the Android version, device hardware for your Genymotion to be compatible with your apps. Genymotion is the best option for testing apps.

How to install Genymotion?

There is no need to argue more about installation issues, as it is similar to other emulators.

Pros and Cons


  • Best features for developers
  • Multiple Android configurations


  • Performance is not good compared to other emulators above


To sum up, that’s all about how to run Android apps on Mac. I hope you can make it. Good luck

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