SOLVED! How to Reverse (Mirror) an Image in Android

Have you ever taken a notice that the image taken from the front camera with your mobile phone is Mirrored or Reversed?

If such is the case, then all the Selfies you made so far might have been saved as Mirror Images. A Mirror Image— if you observe the pictures exerted, then you would see that; the Right is the Left, and the Left is Right. For instance, if you had taken a selfie with Texts in the background, then the text would be flipped parallel, unlikely to be read. As the Image is flipped parallelly, it won’t look lifelike as the Background, too, will be flipped. Whatever is on the right appears to be on the left. 

That is eerie, isn’t it? However, simply by Mirror the Image on Android, or to put it in the correct way how you can Re-Mirror your Image, you can see the Images to your delight. 

How to Re-Mirror an Image—By modifying the Default option. 

If you have not previously modified any setting on the mobile phone, it could be that the mobile phone camera has a default “mirror image” setting set by the company. I do not see any benefit of enabling a mirror except that the display on the phone before taking the picture-it looks natural (not mirrored). But then, the Picture Saved is indicated. 

Should we attend more the screen while taking the picture using the front camera or the saved image? I would rather care about the stored image. It should look right. 

  • To Disable the mirroring of an Image, you have to check the camera app’s settings. 
  • Travel the settings of your mobile phone camera, and if the company allows it, there must be an Option from where you can Disable the mirror image of the front camera.

    how to mirror an image on android
    How to mirror an image on Android

There is an Option to Disable the mirroring of its front camera.

  1. First, open your phone camera> press the menu button to access the settings
  2. In settings, look for an option to disable the mirror image. Presumably, it will be available on other devices too. 

On Redmi 2, unlike the primary camera, we cannot access the Front camera setting by sliding from Left to Right. So, to disable the mirroring of an image for the front camera (with selfies in mind) do the following:

  1. Open the camera on the phone. 
  2. Choose the Front Camera
  3. Press the menu of the phone. 
  4. Under the Settings page open > under “mirror front camera” > set it to “off“.

    How to mirror an image on Android
    How to mirror an image on Android
  1. And you would see that we have been given two options.

    How to mirror an image on Android
    How to mirror an image on Android
  1. When the face is detected:
  • On
  • Off—to Set it to off to disable the mirroring of images when you take pictures from the front camera
  1. Exit settings. 
  2. Take a test photo from the front camera.

When you Disable the mirroring of an image, the display on the screen may now look flipped. But that has not to be bothered about, and the Picture saved will not be Mirrored, though. Take some probing Selfies and check the pictures in your phone’s gallery. 


This approach to Mirror the Image operates on most of the Android, which is working and exclusive in the market. However, if you need to reverse the image that is previously captured or your phone does not allow this function, you can use the third-party apps available on the Google Playstore. Enjoy Capturing Yourself. 

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