SOLVED! How To Move Images in Word

Microsoft Office assists users to move photos in Word, insert pictures and place them correctly. Pictures in Word, are like furniture in the living room, it is must seat them where it is not only enticing to see but also appreciatable. While Microsoft has not made it straightforward to move pictures in Word, it does offers to do so. The only trouble is finding the tools and that’s where you step in a different microcosmos—it is not easy to find them if you do not know where you are looking. Well, you need not worry about any further clicks more. Let’s look at a simplistic answer on how to move images in Word.

How to move images in Word
How to move images in Word

Add Picture in Word

Before you begin adding Images in Microsoft Word, you will have to configure the Word initially to play around with pictures. 

To Enable Picture in Word

  • Open Word and click on the File option. 
  • Then click on— Option (in the sidebar, bottom of your screen).

    How to move images in Word
    Word Options
  • Clicking that you will see the Page Display Option, where you have to opt the Object Anchors option, that has to be toggled on.

    How to move images in Word
    Page Display Option

Another thing that you have to change is How Word treats your Image. 

Inside the Word option above:

  • You will find a tab of the Advance option. 
  • In the Cut, Copy, Paste— you will find Insert Picture as an option. 
  • You have to change it to Square.
How to move images in Word
Advanced Options

Do not forget to click on the—Ok—option each time you change a setting

Now, when you add the Picture in Word, it will treat the Images as objects unlike Text before. You can now drag the move the Pictures in Word wherever you think is suitable, and Text will wrap itself around it. Just click on the picture in Word to reveal the resize and movable buttons around the Image. 

How to Edit Picture in Word?

Now, you will notice that it’s relatively simple to move Pictures in Word freely, but it is still not perfect. And, it is where the Layout option kicks in. Following the Layout tab; you will find the option—Position. 

  • Click on it, to discover more Layout options (You’ll find it at the bottom of the box).

    How to move images in Word
    Layout options in Word

This allows you to be precise about the positioning and Layout of the Pitcures in Word, rather than using the preset options. 

  • By default, Pitcures in Word are preset to be one positioned in One Column option; and these will allow you to treat the Pitcures in Word to Two or more. 
  • The second option is Text wrapping, which will allow you to place the Pictures in Word behind Text, or in front of it. Also, you can determine that the Text is wrapped on only sides or from right-or-left. 
  • And, the third option lets you decide and unlock the Aspect Ratio of the Picture in Word, so you keep it relatively the same as the original Picture. 


The Microsoft Word is, has and will be better than any other word processors out there. Also, it befalls pre-installed with Windows that is the love of users when it comes to Operating Systems. Though, it entails some time to understand it initially, but doing so will you get your way-in quickly in the machine world. Hope our article will help you flawlessly insert the picture into Word. For further questions or comments, please note down below in the comment section.

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