SOLVED! How to Fix MOV Can’t Open/Play/Import Error

After you record videos using iPhone, DJI or DSLR, etc. cameras, you may find that usually their formats are MOV. Such video does way better in image quality than some other video formats do, which is one of the most essential reason why it’s so popular among users. However, we are not saying that there is all about good stuff about MOV. Actually errors like can’t open/play/import may occur on a more frequent basis than we can imagine.

In this article, let’s find out why those error exist and accessible ways to solve them.

The reason behind MOV can’t open/play/import error

In daily life if you have high demand of processing MOV video, you may run into one word: incompatibility. Yes, MOV is not support by all types of devices because of its poor compatibility issue. Although this video format is specially designed for QuickTime, sometimes MOV can be incompatible to it as well when you have not updated QuickTime Player to the latest version in time.

When it comes to Windows, such situation seems more common for users even under the circumstance that some MOV videos can be supported by Windows system. In these years, more advanced codecs have been gradually added to MOV, resulting in Windows’ being unable to handle each one of them. Also, here we have to mention the other disadvantage of MOV: large video file size. In this way, even if you have opened this file on your media player, there might be choppy playback, MOV no sound or V/A out of sync error.

For those who need to import MOV to video editors, the issue of incompatibility and large size have also to be resolved. In the same way, your video editor may not support such file type, because MOV can be encoded with different codecs. In addition, if you fail to import it, you’d better to check if the file size is too small (only with few kb) or corrupted

How to open, play, import MOV video without any problem

If you try to download a third party codec pack, malware is something you should pay attention to. Before doing so, you’d better to search for some related information to get a better idea of it. As a matter of fact, for safety, a good option is to convert MOV to MP4, because MP4 does well in compatibility to media player, video editor and devices. A professional video converting tool called WinX Video Converter can be helpful at this moment. It will deliver fast processing speed and high quality output profile.

Here are some steps to use this software to do MOV to MP4 conversion:

Step 1: You have to load the troublesome MOV video first through clicking “+Video” on the tool bar. Batch load supported.

Step 2: Then you will see “Output Profiles” Windows appear. Go straight to the “General Profile” list and click on “MP4 Video”.

Step 3: To start video conversion, hit on the “RUN” button to process. You will get MP4 output in just minutes.

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