SOLVED! How to download and install Android apps on Mac?

Nowadays, with the help of technology, it seems that everything is impossible, even using Android apps on your Mac platforms. Well, if you still question how to do it, let’s take a look at this article to find out the answer. Today, we gonna show you how to download and install Android apps on Mac.

How to download and install Android apps on Mac
Android emulator on Mac

Android emulator: Tool to run Android apps on Mac

To use Android apps on Mac devices, you will need an Android emulator. So, if you wonder what is Android emulator, let us explain it for you. 

Android emulators, or Android Virtual Devices (AVD), are the programs designing Android virtual devices on desktop. The emulators equip you with almost all of the features of a real Android device. So, users can easily install and use Android apps on desktop platforms with the help of Android emulators.

The benefit of using Android emulator on Mac platforms

Android emulators are widely used by developers to test and deploy apps right on their PC without installing apps on phone. Besides, with the development of the gaming market, there is an increasing number of players using emulators to play Android games on Mac. So, if you’re still hesitating to use this tool, consider some factors below

Totally free: You have to pay for nothing to install emulators. Also, there is no need to pay a subscription to unlock all the features of the emulators.

Save time: Developers can easily test their app right on their Mac instead of switching to an Android smartphone. Also, Android emulators can be connected to an IDE for early app testing during development. 

Convenience: With the help of a large screen, keyboard and mouse, you can get a better experience with your desired games or apps right on your Mac. Besides, you can easily multitask via emulator just by some keyboard press. 

How to download and install apps on Mac

When you get an emulator on your Macbook, you can start downloading and installing Android apps by the two following methods:

Method 1: Google Play

  1. Open your emulator. For example BlueStack, a popular emulator. Then, click on the default icon of PlayStore 
  2. Search for your desired app and click on Install

    How to download and install Android apps on Mac
    Install Plants vs Zombies

Method 2: APK files

Note: Using APK file is  one of the best choices, especially when your beloved apps are unavailable on Play Store, or when you want to speed up the downloads. However, bear in mind that you should download and install APK files from reliable sites to avoid malware programs.

  1. Access a reliable APK  source like ApktoVi or apkza via a browser on BlueStacks (You can open Google Chrome on BlueStack by click on More app > Chrome Browser).

    How to download and install Android apps on Mac
    Open Chrome on BlueStack 4
  2. Then, search for your wanted app or game and click on Download APK. For example Video Downloader.

    How to download and install Android apps on Mac
    Click on Download APK
  3. After that, select OK > INSTALL

    How to download and install Android apps on Mac
    Start the installation
  4. When the downloading process finishes, a notification will appear. You can click on OPEN to use the Video Downloader app right away or choose DONE to close this box

    How to download and install Android apps on Mac
    App installed

The bottom line

To recap, we’ve shown you 2 ways to download and install Android apps on Mac. If you have any questions related to Mac OS, don’t hesitate to email us. Thanks for reading.

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