SOLVED! How to Disable Front Camera Android

While many Android users find the front camera useful, some people don’t like it and discussions about how to disable front camera Android pop up from time to time. Usually, those that own Android devices could disable the front camera via Hide front camera in Settings. That will enlarge the upper bezel of your smartphone’s operating system and hide the front camera. Aside from that, it’s possible to use custom wallpapers to disguise the front camera.

Disable front camera of Android phone

Disable front camera

Before we proceed, you should keep in mind that the front camera punch hole on Android is a hardware design so there’s no way to totally remove it from the screen. The methods below will help you disable the Android front camera, but it might not work all the time depending on the viewing mode or app you’re using.

Option 1: Enlarge the top bezel to hide front camera on Android

Enlarge bezel to hide Android front camera

This instruction on this page will be performed on Samsung Galaxy S10. This phone is also well-known for the punch hole camera on the screen. As many of its users said that they don’t like this camera, so we will show you one way to hind it. This option is not a perfect one, but it can trick your eyes from not detecting the front camera hole on. The progress is fairly simple. Follow these steps below to hide the front camera on Galaxy S10

  1. First, select the Apps icon on the Home screen, then open Settings app.
  2. Next, just tap on Display.
  3. Choose Full-screen apps.
  4. Lastly, enable Hide front camera.

Once done, the bezel of your Android phone on top of the screen will become bigger, so it can effectively hide the front camera. The thickness of the bezel might look unnatural because the top of the screen is wider than the one at the bottom. Moreover, the black bar at the top of the screen won’t completely hide the front camera. It is because the original appearance of the screen will re-appear when you use apps that don’t support it. For instance, this thicker bezel will disappear when you turn on full-screen mode or when using the camera.

Option 2: Use specially made wallpapers to disguise the front camera

disguise the front camera

If you don’t want to sacrifice the infinity screen to disable front camera on Galaxy S10, the more effective option is wallpapers. Now you can find plenty of cool wallpapers on the Android market that can disguise the front camera and add fun on your phone. The wallpapers are provided by the Android community so you can use freely.

All you need to do is to simply pick what you want, and download your favorite. Then You head to Wallpapers and Themes in the Settings, and find the photo in your Gallery, then set it as your wallpaper and lock screen. That’s all.

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