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All in all, thanks to technological advances, phone owners could get in touch with others through a lot of ways. Still, it’s noteworthy that a number of people have no trouble revealing themselves but some like to keep their identity hidden for privacy reasons. As a result, it’s natural to see the discussions about remaining anonymous during communication capturing the interest of many. Owing to the popularity of texting on phones, one of the common topics of such discussions is “how to hide my number in text messaging”.

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So you want to hide your number while texting but don’t know the way? Then this article is what you need at the moment. Down below is a summary of methods you may use to stop your number from showing up in text messages.


For your information, most major mobile carriers nowadays including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and so on let people send texts anonymously using email. Assuming that you know the numbers of the recipients as well as their carriers, you should be able to stay incognito as you text them. Keep in mind that the method restricts the number of characters per text so if you use too many characters, your messages would be split. Additionally, you need to use separate emails for SMS and MMS texts for particular carriers.

In the beginning, use the carrier of the recipients to determine the email:

  • Verizon: (SMS) and (MMS)
  • AT&T: (SMS) and (MMS)
  • T-Mobile: (SMS and MMS)
  • Sprint: (SMS) and (MMS)

Next, you have to attach the number of the recipients to the email then put that to the “To:” section. For instance, if the recipient uses AT&T and his/her number is 0123456789, send your message to either or In the case that things proceed smoothly, the recipient would receive your message without catching the number of the sender.


Presently, a wide range of websites that support anonymous texting exist so you could use them to hide your identity. To send your text via texting websites on the Internet, you need to secure a stable network connection for your device then launch your browser. Afterward, visit a texting website of your choice and follow the instructions to send the text message to the recipient. Different websites tend to feature different layouts but you have to enter the number of the recipient, his/her mobile carrier and the text message.

Here is an example: let’s say you opt to use TextSendr to send texts

  • Step 1: Go to TextSendr, enter the phone number, enter your email (optional) and choose the mobile carrier
  • Step 2: Type in the text
  • Step 3: Solve the equation which is an anti-spam measure
  • Step 4: Hit Send Text Message


Besides texting websites, you may use certain phone apps to send text messages to your contacts while withholding your number. Usually, by going through the app store, you would be able to choose between all sorts of anonymous texting apps. Applications like those let phone owners text others using paid as well as free numbers. That being said, to avoid losing sensitive contact details, you must be thorough so you don’t end up choosing apps with mediocre security protocols.

You could use a recommendation? Then it’s suggested that you give TextNow a try. To put it plainly, TextNow is a free-to-use texting app that comes with various features including anonymous texting. In articles that cover the topic of “how to hide my number in text messaging”, TextNow receives quite a few positive remarks for its usefulness.

  • Step 1: Install TextNow
  • Step 2: Create an account (it’s possible to sign in with existing Facebook, Google and email accounts)
  • Step 3: Grant TextNow permissions
  • Step 4: Enter an area code that is different from that of your phone
  • Step 5: Choose a number from the list  (first one cost money but you can use the rest for free)
  • Step 6: Select Activate My Number, hit Compose and create a text to send like normal

Alternative Number

So you don’t want other people to deduce your identity via your phone number? In that case, all you have to do is to pick up an alternative number. Nowadays, many phones support two SIM cards at the same time so phone owners could use one for usual communication and one for anonymous texting. Having an alternative number around also provides you with contingency if your main number is unusable out of the blue.


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How do I hide my number while calling?

To prevent your number from appearing on the phone of those you call, you should change the Caller ID settings. The location of Caller ID changes between devices but you would be able to find it by looking around the phone settings, call apps, etc. If you come across Caller ID settings, apply changes so the phone hides your numbers as you make phone calls. Furthermore, it’s possible to add a block code before entering the number of your contacts so they don’t know who is calling them.

What needs to be done to reveal numbers behind anonymous calls?

If you keep getting anonymous calls and wish to know the number of the callers, a couple of third-party applications could help you out. When you install such apps on the phone, they would reveal numbers that make anonymous calls to your phone number. Besides that, you may contact your carrier to inquire about the number behind anonymous calls. Depending on your finding, feel free to ask your carrier to block calls from that number from here on out.

Is it legal to send anonymous texts?

Well, there is no general rule about sending anonymous texts so it’s ok to do so from time to time in two-way communication. However, it’s worth pointing out that sending anonymous texts to someone excessively can often be interpreted as a form of harassment in specific circumstances. That is why even if you know how to send texts anonymously, you should exercise restraint to avoid getting in trouble. Unless you have to keep your phone number a secret, stick to standard texting.

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