SOLVED! Group Conversation Will Be Sent As Multimedia Messages

If you keep getting a notification about “group conversation will be sent as multimedia messages” while texting, you could turn it off via message settings. Go to Multimedia Messages, toggle Group Conversation to disabled and that is all. In addition, you could reset your phone’s Accessibility Settings to limit how long the notification lingers. Aside from that, you can also install and use a new messaging application. 

Instructions On Dismissing The Notification 

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Annoyed by the “group conversation will be sent as multimedia messages” notification but don’t know how to get rid of it? Then this article could help you put an end to your irritation. Down below, you would find a couple of ways to prevent the group conversation notification from showing up again.

Option One: Changing The Settings 

For your information, various Samsung phones allow users to apply changes to the notification settings. By reconfiguring the settings to fit your preferences, you should be able to disable notifications while sending messages.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings, select Apps and choose Messages
  • Step 2: Hit More Settings until you see Multimedia Messages then tap that
  • Step 3: Pick Group Conversation
  • Step 4: Toggle the switch to the “off” position

Option Two: Reset Accessibility 

So you don’t particularly hate the group conversation notification but the time it takes to vanish is too long for your taste? In that case, it’s a good idea to consider resetting the accessibility of your phone at the earliest opportunity. Sometimes, accessibility issues extend the time that notifications linger on the screen and frustrate users. If you reset accessibility, you could make notifications including those for group conversation disappear in the default time frame.

To reset accessibility, go to Settings, select General Management and choose Reset Accessibility Settings. Next, tap Reset Settings then pick Reset to confirm.

Option Three: Install A New App

If you can no longer tolerate the “group conversation will be sent as multimedia messages” notification, you only need to switch to another messaging app. Nowadays, it’s possible to install all sorts of messaging applications on devices made by Samsung. By installing a new app, you would be able to avoid the group conversation notification for good. Still, as a precaution, it’s suggested that you stick to reputable apps to minimize the risk of compromise.


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Which messaging apps work best on Samsung phones? 

Samsung phones run on the Android operating systems and the app store contains multiple messaging applications for it. For optimal experience, you should go for Google Messages, Textra SMS, YAATA, Signal Private Messenger, etc. Incorporating quite a few features, third-party messaging applications provide you with an outstanding level of customization. Interestingly, most apps for messaging on the app store permit users to disable notifications with relative ease.

Is it possible to unsend messages in group conversations?

It depends. Certain applications let you retract messages in times of need but they usually leave behind a note about your action. To unsend a message, you have to select it then pick the unsend option. Assuming that things proceed smoothly, the message that you chose would disappear from the group conversation.

How do I back up messages on my phone?

Once it comes to backing up messages, you have two choices: built-in backup and third-party applications. If you use the built-in backup, you could immediately back up data on your phone. On the other hand, if you use apps from third parties, you have the option of backing up messages in any manner that suits you. In any case, you must enter the storage service that handles the backup, ideally Drive.

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