SOLVED! Google Play alternatives- Best site to download APK files

Installing applications on Android devices by APK files instead of going to the Play Store is still the choice of many users since this method is helpful when it comes to avoiding Google Play errors and many other issues. However, the trust issue is also to mention, while APK file format does possibly pose many threats. In this article, we suggest our best site to download APK files that you can place your trust.



APKPure has been a favorite address for APK downloading, with most apps directly taken from the Play Store. This site provides nearly all applications that are officially available, with various versions for users to choose from. Based on millions of downloads and feedback through times, APKPure shows no remarkable issues or threats in files available, making it a most trusted site of all time. However, the unclear identity of the APKPure’s developers somehow still evokes the concern about its pureness.

apk pure
APK Pure- Best site for downloading APK files

APKto Vi

New and good site to download APK file

Though being a new competitor in the field, ApktoVi owns an application database that is not inferior to many renowned providers’. It is possible to find almost whatever you want on the Play Store with it since its backers tend to fully update the site to catch up with the Play Store. Besides applications’ APK with variants and data, it also provides other formats such as APK bundle, which satisfy various needs of users. Blog section – where visitors could find lots of useful tips & tricks and APK downloader – a tool to look exact APK file are also its upside that flexibly supports users in many ways. Minor bugs might occur sometimes, but it is no big deal since the work of building the site are still in progress.

APK Mirror

APK Mirror- familiar site for downloading APK

An APK provider founded & managed by Android Police – one of the biggest Android news agencies, APK Mirror can absolutely be a golden choice for any users. Safety approved, permission to early apps access, no account or login requirements, and tons of other pros altogether prove APK Mirror’s strength to be the best Google Play alternative. Unfortunately, some unpopular apps might not available on APK Mirror since its priority on safety takes a toll as a drawback. 


These are the three sites that we suggest being the best site to download APK that you could consider giving them a try in the next time you install an app. For more suggestions, tips & tricks, and more, subscribe and stay tuned.

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