SOLVED! Everything you need to know about APK Downloader

What if you can not download a favorite app from the Google Play store? Have you ever confronted any download errors such as unavailable, region-blocked apps, incompatible devices or deleted games, etc? Normally, the most common way that a host of Android users go for is paging through Google to get their hands on an effective solution to fix problems, isn’t it? In lieu of doing this time-consuming method, why don’t you choose “APK Downloader”- an advanced online service, letting you sideload an original APK file hosted by Google Play to your device. To get to know what the new tool- APK Downloader is, in this article, I will provide in-depth information, as well as instruction on how to use it properly.

apk downloader
APK Downloader

Overview: APK Downloader

What is APK Downloader?

APK Downloader extension is a useful tool that assists users in straightforwardly downloading  APK files or APK+OBB data files from Google Play to their Android devices. More impressively, third-party sites could generate a thousand of applications also available on Google Play, ranging from the latest version to the oldest one. Having APK Downloader in hand will be at an advantage to quickly resolve some following troubles:

  • Google Play service is out of date.
  • Google Play refuses the visit of users from certain areas.
  • The device version doesn’t correspond with the app.
  • These apps have been removed from Google Play due to its publisher’s account was terminated.

Benefits of APK Downloader

Free and Original APK files

With the APK Downloader tool, it’s easy to find a wide range of  APK files that are much of a muchness to the original ones on the Play Store for free of charge. Those APK files remain exactly the same cryptographic signatures assigned by Google Play without any modification and pirate. 

Note: APK Downloader only provides free apps from Google Play but the paid ones.

Simple and Convenient

Never before does finding apps become more convenient like that thanks to the assistance of the Downloader tool. Though there’s a heap of APK providers, just a few of them actually offer this function. This tool allows you to search for games/apps by means of entering the app’s name, package name, ID or URL. To get a precise result, it’d be better if you copy or type the package name or package ID of an app. 

How to use APK Downloader 

Here is the step-by-step guidance on how to utilize the APK Downloader tool on the prestigious third-party site.

Method 1: Enter the app name:

  1. Go to your web’s browsers>Find a third- party site>type “app_name” into the search bar.
  2. Choose the desired one>Click Download.

Method 2: Enter the package name/URL:

  1. Visit the Google Play store on your PC’s browser.
  2. Search for the app name that you can’t directly download from Google Play. Take the TikTok mobile app as an example.
  3. Look at the URL
  4. Then, copy the link or the package name of this app. In case you don’t know what the package name is, here is a sample: “”. It appears behind the symbol “=”.
package name
Package name
  1. Access the website ApkTovi and paste the URL or the package name into the search bar of the Downloader.
  2. Click Enter, then you will find the exact APK file of the application you want to install.
  3. Tap the “Download” button and wait until the download to complete. 


Given the information about APK Downloader above, I hope you can tackle the problems that you’ve encountered while downloading from the Play Store. Please let us know if you have any further questions regarding APK files.  

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