SOLVED! Disable Alerts During Game Is On

If you keep getting the “Disable alerts during game is on” notification, it’s highly likely that you have turned on the Disable alerts during game feature. While Disable alerts during game lets you enjoy gaming sessions to the fullest, it could cause you to miss important texts, updates and so on. As a precaution, Android would display the “Disable alerts during game is on” notification at intervals so you remember to turn off Disable alerts during game after you finish playing. In most of the cases, you could dismiss the notification by turning off the feature. 

What Must Be Done

  • Step 1: Open Settings, select Extensions, choose Gaming and make sure that Game tools is enabled. If Games tool is disabled, toggle on the switch to enable it. 
  • Step 2: Launch your game then swipe up from bottom to top.
  • Step 3: Look to the right, hit the game controller icon and toggle off the Disable alerts during game switch.

Note: In the case that the “Disable alerts during game is on” notification continues to pester you, proceed to turn off Game Launcher. To do so, open Settings, hit Advanced features and toggle off the switch next to Game Launcher

Phone Not Ringing: An Analysis

Young Japanese man in affliction with watching smart phone outside.
  • Silent mode is on: As the name suggests, Silent mode keeps distractions at bay and allows you to concentrate on your work. Once turned on, Silent mode would prevent your phone from ringing if there is an incoming call. 
  • Airplane mode is on: Designed for air travels, Airplane mode disables all wireless connections on your phone. If your phone won’t ring and others cannot contact you, determine whether Airplane mode is on. 
  • Do not disturb mode is on: For your information, Do not disturb mode works in a similar manner to Silent mode: it silences calls, notifications and alerts. Therefore, it’s wise to ensure that Do not disturb mode is off if you want to be able to pick up calls from contacts. 
  • Call forwarding is on: In layman’s terms, Call forwarding automatically forwards calls that reach your phone to another number. Needless to say, if Call forwarding is on, It’s impossible for you to hear your phone ringing. 

How To Disable App Notifications On Android

If your phone runs on recent versions of Android, it is possible to disable app notifications directly via settings. The process is no-nonsense: open Settings, select Apps and choose the app whose notification you want to disable. Next, hit Notification and toggle off the switch. Alternatively, when a notification surfaces, you could press and hold it then hit Turn off notification. 

In the case that you want to disable all notifications from apps, you could resort to Silent mode, Do not disturb mode and so on. 

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