SOLVED! Bluetooth Disconnects When Screen Times Out

Generally speaking, once it comes to pairing Android devices to accessories, Bluetooth is by all accounts the primary method. Via Bluetooth, Android users could connect their phones to headphones, speakers, smartwatches and others in a blink of an eye. That being said, Bluetooth connection is finicky on occasions and something as simple as screen timeout may disrupt it. The moment people notice that their Bluetooth disconnects when screen times out, most feel frustrated but don’t know the way to deal with that.

An Analysis Of Bluetooth Disconnection 

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Your Android phone keeps losing Bluetooth connection as soon as the screen times out and you have no idea why? In that case, this article is exactly what you need. Down below, you would find all the information about Bluetooth disconnection on modern Android devices.

Causes Of The Disconnection: Suspects 

Android devices act up for all sorts of reasons but regarding the disconnection of Bluetooth, it’s suggested that you take these possibilities into account.


Android is an excellent operating system that runs smoothly for most of the time but it’s far from perfect. Every now and then, Android devices run into a number of bugs that interfere with their function including Bluetooth connection. Because of that, if your phones lose connection to Bluetooth accessories out of the blue, bugs may be the culprit. Usually, by removing the bugs that plague your device, you should be able to stabilize Bluetooth connection with relative ease.

Screen Timeout Settings

In layman’s terms, when you leave your phone idle for a period of time, its screen would time out to conserve battery (standby mode). In standby mode, Android devices automatically turn off a few features to keep battery drain to the minimum and one of such is Bluetooth connection. Needless to say, a lot of articles that cover the issue of Bluetooth disconnects when screen times out list screen timeout settings among the suspects. Unless you manage to do something with the settings, your phone cannot maintain Bluetooth connection.

Battery Saver 

As the name suggests, Battery Saver permits Android users to optimize the remaining battery life of their devices once enabled. Still, it’s noteworthy that Bluetooth is one of the features that have the highest battery drain on phones nowadays. Thus, when you activate Battery Saver, your phone is going to disconnect from Bluetooth accessories. Assuming that the disconnection of Bluetooth is the work of Battery Saver, you don’t have to do much to restore the link to accessories.

Sleeping Apps

In case you don’t know, a couple of Android devices incorporate a setting called Sleeping Apps that puts applications to sleep outside of use. In a way, Sleeping Apps resembles  Battery Saver which is why it could get in the way of Bluetooth connection. For instance: you connect your phone to a speaker to play music from an app. If that music app of yours is on the list of applications in Sleeping Apps then Bluetooth connection may terminate when the screen times out.


Updates play a key role in the day-to-day operation of devices that run on the Android operating system. If you keep your Android phone up-to-date, all of its features should perform as expected around the clock. On the other hand, if you allow the device to become obsolete, it’s only a matter of time before its operations suffer from oddities. Hence,  you need to give obsolescence some thought while troubleshooting Bluetooth disconnection on Android phones.

How To Solve The Disconnection 

As Bluetooth disconnects when screen times out, different Android users often resort to different measures. Nonetheless, if success rate is all you care about, it’s strongly recommended that you try out the following fixes.


Despite its simplicity, restart excels at getting rid of bugs on today’s Android phones. By restating your phone, you would be able to eliminate bugs that it accumulates in the course of operation which brings things back to normal. Most Android devices on the market have a built-in restart option but you always have the option of turning your phone on and off. Still, for good measure, wait at least thirty seconds between restarts to protect the hardware.

Adjust Settings Of Screen Timeout

Overall, the location for settings of Screen Timeout changes between devices so you have to look around on your phone. Once you locate settings, go to the category that handles connectivity then make whatever changes necessary to keep Bluetooth enabled even as screen times out. Next, restart your device, connect it to a Bluetooth accessory and see how things turn out. Depending on the situation, you need to manually turn on Bluetooth connection to let the device remember your decision.

Disable Battery Saver 

  • Step 1: Open Settings
  • Step 2: Tap Device care
  • Step 3: Disable Battery Saver

Note: In the case that you like to keep Battery Saver on, it’s a good idea to apply adjustments to Battery Saver settings. That would permit you to save battery life and maintain Bluetooth connection at the same time.

Remove Application From Sleeping Apps

So you suspect that Sleeping Apps is the one that gives you a hard time? Then you should proceed to remove applications from the list of apps in Sleeping Apps. Aside from that, you could add apps that you intend to use alongside Bluetooth accessories to the Never sleeping apps section so they have priority. If battery life is not a priority to you, feel free to toggle the switch next to Put unused apps to sleep to disable Sleeping Apps.

Update The OS 

  • Step 1: Open Settings
  • Step 2: Tap About Phone
  • Step 3: Hit Check for Updates
  • Step 4: If an update is available, choose Update
  • Step 5: Follow onscreen instructions to initiate the update

To make sure that the update progresses from start to finish uneventfully, it’s essential to connect your phone to a strong WiFi network nearby. In addition to that, if the battery is kind of low, you have to consider plugging in your phone so it won’t shut down.


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What is the range of Bluetooth?

The maximum range of Bluetooth is ten meters but it’s worth pointing out that a couple of varieties exist. For instance, in locations with a lot of obstacles, the range of Bluetooth often falls well short of ten meters. That is why you should keep Bluetooth accessories close to your phone for stable connection. Also, you may want to relocate unused accessories away from the vicinity of the devices to minimize sources of interferences.

Is it OK to leave Bluetooth on all the time?

Unless you plan to pair your phone with accessories in the surroundings, it’s ill-advised to turn on Bluetooth. If you keep Bluetooth enabled all the time then hackers could exploit that to access sensitive information on the device. Hence, you should disable Bluetooth as soon as you no longer need to use accessories. It’s possible to disable Bluetooth connection via Bluetooth setting as well as Flight Mode.

Could I use Bluetooth accessories while they receive charge?

Well, if you purchase your Bluetooth accessories from a reputable store, you could use them as they go through recharges. That being said, Bluetooth accessories tend to get hot if you connect your phone to them while they receive charge. Though phone accessories heating up under charging is not a cause for concern, you should stop for a moment if the temperature gets too high. To stay on the safe side, only resume charging when the accessories cool down a bit.

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