[SOLVED] What Is Voice Dialler for Android?

Imagine you are driving and you need to make phone calls; however, your hands are busy controlling the steering wheel. In this case, you are unable to do anything but pay maximum attention to the road. That sort of situation is the driving force for Android developers to pave the way and develop Voice dialer. Basically, it is a smart contacts’ calling which facilitates voice dialing and making calls.

In this post, milagromobilemarketing will give you an insight into the key features of the app and guide you on how to use voice dialler for android.

Overview of Android voice dialer

What is Voice dialler?

voice dialler for android

Technically, this Android voice dialer is a helpful voice assistant. To be more specific, with hands-free calls making, all you have to do is to speak contact name aloud. Then, voice dialler will get access to your contact list, recognize the exact contact and automatically make a call for you. 

Voice dialler’s characteristics

voice dialler for android

Below are some special features to claim for the app’s reputation:

  1. Automatically pick first voice search result and make phone calls.
  2. Access to all the contacts on your list.
  3. Offer easy control over voice search results.
  4. Nice and simple UI supported with various configuration options speaker modes for your best experience.

How to use Voice dialler on Android phone

Step 1: Open Voice Dialer

You will find Voice Dialer in your App Drawer (application list) without any difficulty. Then, tap on it to open the app. For easy and quick access, you are advised to add the Android voice call dialler application to your home screen.

Step 2: Android Voice Dialer commands

Here are some commands to make phone calls on your Android:

  1. If you wish to call someone on your phone’s contact list, just say Call+ (contact name)
    voice dialler for android
  2. In order to input a phone number that is not in your contact list, say Dial+ number
    With this command, you should say the number slowly, otherwise, the app will not recognize what you are saying or what you intend to do
    voice dialler for android
  3. To open an application already installed on your phone, say Open+ application name
  4. To redial a number, just say out loud: Redial.

Step 3: Confirm the command

The confirmation will vary depending on what kind of command you issue. However, no matter how the command is, after inputting, you have to click on a confirmation message on the screen. At the final stage, you can start the call or open any app or do whatever else you have just commanded.

The Bottom Line

To sum up all the information about Voice Dialler for Android, we’ve just walked you through the outstanding app’s feature and instruct you on how to make a call by voice command on android. While the app is not completely hands-free, it is well-liked thanks to its user-friendly interface. Voice Dialler on Android is time-efficient and not to mention, the voice calling app can be your life savior when your hands are tied. Enjoy your experience using the app!

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