SOLVED! What You Need to Know About HTC Messaging App APK

You are tired of the tedious messaging app from HTC, the first Android’s original equipment manufacturer? And, you want to switch to another application to explore new treasure? The great news is, HTC Messaging app is coming just for your desire. In this post, milagromobilemarketing will walk you through the main features of HTC Messages as well as give you an insight into HTC Messaging app apk.

What is HTC Messaging application?

Basically, like any other messaging app, HTC Messages allows users to send and receive both SMS and MMS messages with group messages sending option. The point is, this texting application offers some special and exclusive options, which makes it stand out from its counterparts in the same marketplace. Below is the list of the key features.

  1. Secure backup of important messages. Users can restore confidential texts whenever they need.
    htc messaging app apk
  2. Spam messages blocking. To be more specific, users are allowed to set a block list for undesirable messages.
  3. Secure box. With this privacy box, HTC Messages supports thread view in conversation style and avoid any interruptions while typing the words.
  4. Easy search for SMS. The app allows users to search their messages by keywords and sorting them by date and messaging app apk

What is HTC Messaging app apk?

If you are not technologically inclined, the information provided below might be a bit abstract and theoretical. Having said that, the piece of knowledge can be your right-hand supporter. If it is instilled in your mind, it can help you eliminate any wonder regarding the download of the app or in the later use.
HTC Messaging apk is actually an app with the extension “apk” for Android users to distribute and install HTC Messages. Basically, the APK extension is not as ubiquitous as its counterpart “exe”, but it is a familiar one to people who desire to download applications in a manual way. 
The apk file of HTC Messaging app is a wise choice for those who stumble difficulty in downloading the app from the so-called traditional app store- Google Play.

Problems when using HTC Messages

Grasp the issues


htc messaging app apk

Here are some common issues that you might experience when there is a bug from the OEM.

  • You keep receiving duplicate SMS messages.
  • You are able to receive SMS messages but cannot send them at certain times
  • Outgoing text messages are stuck in pending.

So, how to get rid of those inconveniences? Read on to know the troubleshooting methods.

How to fix HTC Messaging-related problems

Check your network connection

htc messaging app apk

Technically, many SMS issues are network-related. Hence, to tackle the problems, you need to contact your network provider for advice on possible network issues.

Update the Android System

The stuck SMS messages in a pending state with the sending error can be resolved by a system update. To ensure your HTC device software is fully updated, you can follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select System Updates
  2. Choose HTC Software Update and check for new updates available

htc messaging app apk

Clear the data cache

Clearing the data cache may resolve the issue of the duplicate message. Follow the steps to wipe your cache partition.

  1. From a Home screen, tap the Apps icon and then navigate to Settings
  2. From the Device section, tap App manager.
  3. Tap on HTC Messaging application and then choose Storage
  4. From the Cache section, tap Clear cache.

The Bottom Line

We’ve just covered all the information related to HTC Messages and the HTC Messaging app with the apk extension. Hope with this detailed and extensive delivery of information, you can get the best from the app and enjoy the amazing experience. 

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