[SOLVED] Samsung TV Blinking Red Light

Once it comes to televisions, Samsung is the brand of choice of a wide range of homeowners around the globe. Thanks to the emphasis on applications of innovations, Samsung TVs could provide high-quality viewing experiences for years to come. However, despite the solid overall performance, Samsung televisions still experience a few issues and Samsung TV blinking red light is a common topic of complaints. When people notice their TV blinking red light instead of turning on, most tend to feel frustrated but don’t know what to do next.

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An Analysis Of Blinking Red Light In Samsung Televisions 

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All of a sudden, your Samsung TV refuses to turn on and you have no idea how to fix it? Then it’s suggested that you spare a bit of time to read this article. Down below is an in-depth troubleshooting guide that would tell you everything about blinking red light in Samsung televisions.

Samsung Televisions Won’t Turn On: Reasons

All in all, various issues could interfere with the performance of televisions made by Samsung. Still, if your TV remains unresponsive after you turn it on and its standby red light keeps blinking, you have to consider the following suspects.

Power Supply

In case you don’t know, the power supply of a Samsung TV is responsible for the distribution of power that it receives from outlets. If the power supply is in good condition, the TV is going to work smoothly. On the other hand, if the power supply sustains damages then there is a very good chance that the TV is unable to turn on. Hence, regarding the issue of Samsung TV blinking red light, you should include power supply in your list of suspects.

Malfunctioning Launch Configuration 

Generally speaking, the launch configuration is there to store specific information as well as accelerate the startup time of televisions. If the launch configuration of your TV malfunction, you may experience a couple of oddities including the blinking red light. Assuming that the launch configuration is indeed the culprit, you have to get rid of it as soon as possible. You always have the option of reconfiguring the launch configuration later on so there is no need to hesitate here.

Gaming Consoles

You could pair Samsung televisions with gaming consoles such as Playstation and Xbox but you must change the HDMI source. In addition to that, at the end of the gaming sessions, it’s necessary to change the HDMI source back before turning off the consoles. If you just turn off the consoles without changing the HDMI source, they should prevent your TV from turning on. Luckily, you don’t need to do much to turn on your TV again if the whole thing is the work of your gaming consoles.

Surge Protector 

Designed to control surges, the surge protector allows homeowners to keep their electronics out of harm’s way in use. Nonetheless, over time, surge protectors would become worn out which prevents electronics from getting the power they require to run. Being starved of power, electronics naturally become inoperable until people take action to restore the flow of electricity to them.  Because of that, if your Samsung uses an old surge protector, you have to give the possibility of surge protector going bad some thought too.

Source Selection 

Modern televisions made by Samsung have the ability to display video and audio using a number of sources in the course of operation. Depending on the situation, people could switch between sources as they want. However, if you mess up the source selection of your Samsung TV, it may be unable to turn on properly. That is why once it comes to Samsung TV blinking red light, you need to take source selection into account.

How To Get Samsung TV Back To Normal

You want your Samsung TV to turn on immediately and let you catch your favorite programs? In that case, you should consider trying these fixes

  • Restart: Hit the Power button of your Samsung TV several times then see how things turn out. Occasionally, Samsung televisions would develop temporary hiccups that resolve by themselves following a few restarts.
  • Power cycling: Disconnect the TV from the outlet by removing the plug. Next, press and hold the Power buttons for at least 15 seconds. Afterward, plug the television back in, hit Power and determine whether it turns on normally.
  • Unplug sources: Remove the cables of optional sources like gaming consoles from the HDMI slots of your TV. When you get all of the sources out, proceed to turn on your television. In the case that your Samsung TV turns on with relative ease, change the source of audio and video to the main HDMI slot. Lastly, replug optional sources to remaining HDMI slots before configuring launch configuration.
  • Get in touch with customer service: If your TV remains the same no matter what you do, you have no choice but to contact Samsung’s customer service. Avoid improvising fixers on the spot so you don’t void the manufacturer warranty of your television by mistake.

Using Samsung Televisions: Advice 

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You don’t have to be an expert to use a Samsung TV. Still, if you like to get the most out of your television while avoiding headaches at the same time, memorize the hints down below.

  • Keep the TV up-to-date: Samsung releases updates for its televisions from time to time to optimize their performance. By ensuring that your TV receives all of the updates, you would be able to reduce its vulnerability to bugs, inconsistencies, etc. Nowadays, since the majority of Samsung televisions could connect to the Internet, it’s possible for them to update automatically. Besides that, there is a way to update television manually via USB as well.
  • Turn off the TV outside of use: While keeping the TV at standby mode is convenient, it may cause certain issues in the long run. For good measure, you should turn off your television unless you plan to watch something soon.
  • Clean the TV periodically: All sorts of things collect on televisions which stop people from optimizing their experience in front of the screen. Thus, it’s widely advised that you clean your TV every now and then, especially around the HDMI slots. By doing so, you would have an easy time preventing dirt, hair and so on from disrupting the operation of your TV. You must be careful though as it won’t take much to damage the new flatscreen Samsung television during cleaning.


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How long do Samsung TVs last?

A lot of factors from frequency of use to maintenance influence the lifespan of television made by Samsung. Usually,  a standard Samsung TV is going to work for between 4 and 7 years before homeowners need to consider replacing it. Of course, if you take good care of your TV in use, it should last longer than the estimates. Nonetheless, it’s worth pointing out that you have to carry out minor repairs on occasions.

What is the length of the warranty that accompanies Samsung televisions?

On arrival, Samsung TVs come alongside a one-year warranty. If your television fails due to manufacturing defects within a year after the date of purchase, you could file a claim.

Is it hard to set up Samsung TVs?

Using the owner’s manual that accompanies your television, you should be able to wrap up the installation in a blink of an eye. In the case that you lack confidence, you may hire professionals to handle the setup process in your stead but that would cost you.