[SOLVED] Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File. Please Wait

To put it plainly, Samsung Accessory Service is an app that the majority of Samsung devices nowadays use to establish connections to nearby Samsung accessories. Usually, the app maintains a low profile in the background so people could leave it alone for the most part. However, Samsung Accessory Service may still act up on occasions and the persisting “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification is a prime example. While the notification regarding Samsung Accessory Service seldom interferes with key functions of devices, it remains a source of frustration.

Insights Into The Notification From Samsung Accessory Service

Annoyed by the constant presence of the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification but don’t know how to get rid of it? Then you have to take a look at this article. Down below, you would find all the information you must keep in mind about the notification of Samsung Accessory Service.

“Samsung Accessory Service Transferring File. Please Wait” Notification: Definition 

"Transferring file. Please wait..." Samsung Accessory Service message - What is this?-samsung-phone-transferring-files-screenshot.jpg

Overall, whenever you connect your Samsung phone to accessories, Samsung Accessory Service automatically checks whether everything is up-to-date. If the app finds the accessories to be behind on updates, it’s going to update them via file transfer. The length of the process fluctuates from time to time but it could be a bit long following big updates. In any case, until the file transfer wraps up, the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification should stick around in the notification panel.


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Naturally, if you neglect the updates of your accessories, Samsung Accessory Service needs to make up for that by transferring files. The moment the accessories of your Samsung device reach the latest updates, the notification from  Samsung Accessory Service would automatically go away on its own.


All in all, Android is a stable operating system but in the course of operation, it tends to collect inconsistencies. Many inconsistencies resolve by themselves as time passes by but some could cause disruptions to certain operations of the devices. Needless to say, as it’s an app, Samsung Accessory Service is vulnerable to inconsistencies. In the case that you notice the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification lingering longer than usual, you should give inconsistencies some thought.


Similar to other applications on modern Samsung devices, Samsung Accessory Service depends on cached data to speed up its operation. Unsurprisingly, if corruption exists in the cache then there is a very good chance that the app would go haywire. Unless you clear the corruption, Samsung Accessory Service simply cannot return to the way it is and the notification file transfer is going to persist. You rarely have to do much to free the cache of app from corruption on today’s Samsung phones though.


In layman’s terms, the distance between your phone and its accessories determines the stability of the connection between them. Generally, if you place your accessories close to your phone, the connection should be strong enough for the file transfer to proceed without much difficulty. On the other hand, the further the distance between phone and accessories, the higher the risk of connection getting disconnected. Hence, once it comes to the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification appearing times and again, distance is one of the usual suspects.


Wireless connections prove handy in various situations but they have their own drawbacks and the most notable one is interference. If the surrounding of your phone and its accessories feature too many sources of interference then the progress of file transfer would run into setbacks.


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Assuming that Samsung Accessory Service is updating your accessories, you have nothing to do besides waiting for it to end. At least, you should give it a couple of days before moving on to the next fix on the list.


Like its contemporaries, the Android operating system experiences sporadic oddities but it would return to normal after a few restarts. Hence, if the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification keeps bothering you, it’s a good idea to restart your device several times. To restart a Samsung phone, you have to press and hold the Volume down and Power buttons simultaneously for ten seconds. For good measure, it’s strongly recommended that you restart all the accessories as well.

Clear Cache 

So you suspect that corrupted cache is behind the frustrating notification from Samsung Accessory Service? Then it’s suggested that you clear the cache immediately.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Choose Apps
  • Step 3: Select Samsung Accessory Service
  • Step 4: Choose Storage, hir Clear Cache and Clear Data
  • Step 5: Restart the phone

Note: Following the clearing of cache and data, the “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification may still return every now and then. In that case, don’t hesitate to disable Samsung Accessory Service. To do so, you need to use the Force Top function in the app. You could always re-enable Samsung Accessory Service in time of need so there is nothing to worry about.

Take The Accessories Into Account

Get accessories as close as possible to your phone while moving other items that use wireless connections away from them. That should eliminate interference so the file transfer could run from start to finish smoothly.

Reset To Factory Configuration 

You have tried all of the above but the stubborn Samsung Accessory Service notification refuses to disappear for good? Then factory reset, the final fix on the list, is going to be your last resort.

After a factory reset, your phone would revert to its original factory state which brings an end to existing anomalies. Therefore, once it comes to fixing errors that cannot be resolved via normal means, a factory reset is the ultimate solution. It’s worth pointing out that the reset wipes the memory of the device so you must backup data in advance. Depending on the situation, you could either backup data manually or use the built-in backup settings.

  • Step 1: Go to Settings
  • Step 2: Choose Factory data reset
  • Step 3: Select Reset
  • Step 4: Enter credentials, passwords and so on
  • Step 5: Reset the phone

Tips And Tricks For Samsung Users 

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The frustrating “Samsung Accessory Service transferring file. Please wait” notification is one of many troubles that plague modern Samsung phones. While it’s tough to keep your device from acting up, you could avoid various headaches by implementing these precautions.

  • Keep everything up-to-date: Pay special attention to the update of your phone as well as its accessories. In most of the cases, electronics including those from Samsung tend to run into few faults if they receive updates periodically.
  • Don’t keep too many apps: Applications require resources to operate so the more apps you have, the more strains your phone must endure. When the strain reaches a certain level, it’s easy for the device to develop hiccups in the course of operation.
  • Clear cached data regularly: Besides accelerating the operation of apps, cached data plays no other role in devices. As a result, feel free to clear cached data from time to time to minimize the risk of corruption.