[SOLVED] movietube 4.1 for android

It is an undeniable fact that we all cannot live without entertainment in our life. Nowadays there are numerous options available based on our moods and watching movies is one of the top choices for all. So, Today’s article will introduce one popular app which will bring lots of entertainment in your life without paying a single penny. It is Movietube 4.1 for Android – the best choice for film lovers. 

What is Movietube 4.1 for Android?

movietube 4.1 for android

MovieTube 4.1 is a search engine software designed to collect and sort full-length, high-quality movies on Youtube. The selections are divided into 23 categories with a total number of 55,000 titles. As of 2018, the search list includes movies that are authorized to play in one or more countries and were produced from the beginning of 2018 to the close of this year. Until now, MovieTube app has a user community of approximately 16 million people from 200 countries. 

Detailed Features of Movietube App 

Features of Movietube App 

The Movietube 4.1 app on Android is absolutely fantastic by many standards and according to many reviews. So, in this part, we will list some main features of Movietube which may explain why this app got awesome responses from worldwide users.

  • You can watch all the latest Hollywood movies and TV shows (Series) in HD quality.
  • This app is compatible with most Android Smartphones and Tablets from 2.1 to higher with at least 2.74 megabytes. It is also available for Windows and Mac OS and can be download for free.
  • It comes with a Rich User Interface that is simple and easy to use

watch TV shows on Movietube App 

  • There are more than 20K movies collection in 18 languages, including  English, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Cantonese, Arabic, Thai, Hindi, Tamil, Filipino, MalayFrench, Portuguese, Italian, etc. Once you choose your desired language from settings then all the settings and movie or TV shows titles will change into the set language.
  • Especially, Movietube never requires registration and also there is no need for username or Password to stream movies. However, if you want to download movies or TV shows, you need to register to secure your favorite data and watch your favorite movies later on.

Movietube App on Android

  • All movies and TV shows are categorized with different types to select favorite choice easily.
  • Moreover, you can arrange your favorite contents in My Library section to watch them later without finding them.
  • You can sort movies or TV shows with Release time or with alphabetically to find easily.
  • Lastly, you will get full movie details below each movie title.

How to watch movies on MovieTube

watch movies on MovieTube

  • First of all, download MovieTube 4.1 apk and install this app on your Android device. Remember that you have to allow  “Unknown Sources”  to download third-party apps on your smartphone.
  • Once done, just open it and select your country. On the bottom, you can see different languages like English, French, Spanish, Korean, etc. Then, you select the language in which you want to watch movies.
  • Right on the selection, you will get the list of top-rated movies, you just need to select on the one you want to watch. Also, you can watch any movie of your own choice by typing its name in the search bar on the top. However, as it is a free app so it contains some ads.

You can use MovieTube apk on 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection to stream your movies, in 3G also it works smoothly without any hustle. This application will automatically set the quality of your videos according to your internet speed.


These are all necessary things you need to know about Movietube 4.1 for android. If you have any query or suggestion, then don’t hesitate to share your views or queries in the comment section below. We hope you like our post and find it useful, you also can visit our website milagromobilemarketing.com to read more interesting blogs about Android OS