How to run apk oyunları pc de oynama

As you might know, smartphone gaming cannot come close to reaching the levels of the PC or console. However, things are always improving, especially as hand-held devices get more and more powerful. But even with the best smartphone, there are still a lot of apk games that are preferred to play on a bigger screen, with a keyboard and mouse or a controller. If you also want to play APK games on PC, luckily, there are some ways to do it. In today’s article, we’ve brought several ways to run apk oyunları pc de oynama

What is APK gaming?

apk oyunları pc de oynama

If you want to oynama apk oyunları de pc, you need to know what is APK at first.

APK file stands for Android Package Kit which helps you to install Android Apps on PC or on the phone without downloading from the Play store.  It has usually named something like ‘filename.apk’ and is much like a .exe file in Windows. The end-user (Android phone owners, for example) doesn’t usually see the APK file when downloading and installing an app off the Google App Store. It is because the system does all the unpacking and installing itself, and also shows the “Installing…” text in the store.

Using a full Android emulator to apk oyunları pc de oynama

To use apps or games in windows 7, 8, or 10 then will need to install a full-fledged emulator. Android emulators for Windows can be considered as a fake Android machine on your Windows PC. In other words, it allows you to run your Windows device like an Android device. You might find it rather complicated but it works very well. There are some good Android emulators out there, but we will briefly guide you to play apk games on the two of the more popular, BlueStacks and Nox.

Play apk oyunları on Bluestacks PC

Play apk oyunları on Bluestacks PC

BlueStacks App Player is the most popular  Android emulator that works very well. It is a modified variant of the Android SDK and also does the same task as the Android SDK. With BlueStackes, you can download and install apk oyunları right from the Google Play Store on PC. The setup is fairly easy and straight forward, you can follow the steps below:

apk apps on BlueStacks

  1. Download and install the BlueStacks on Your PC.
  2. Then, Log in using your Google Gmail address to sign in and use the Google Play Store.
  3. After that, you are able to load apps, play apk games, and whatever you want to do through the Play Store.

Now you can see that BlueStacks just looks like any Android tablet. You can control by using a mouse or touch if you have a touchscreen. Sometimes, BlueStacks will alert you with every possible message, so it might be annoying.

APK oyunları pc de oynama with NOX emulator

APK oyunları pc de oynama with NOX emulator

Nox is another popular emulator for the APK oyunları with many good features. Nox is aimed more at the serious Android gamer who like to play Android games on a bigger screen like PC. One nice feature of Nox is to allow how much computing resources it can use which can be very useful. Moreover, it enables us to mimic a smartphone or tablet along with setting screen resolutions. Then, we will guide you to set up NOX to run APK oyunları on Window PC

APK oyunları on NOX

  1. Download the Nox player on your PC.
  2. Next, set up Nox with your preferences and defaults.
  3. Load the apk games that you want to use, either through the Play Store or manually.

Then, when you run Nox, it will create a full-featured Android desktop. Also, like BlueStacks, Nox runs Android Kit Kat.


By using Bluestacks, or Nox, we think you will easily run apk oyunları pc. If you have further queries relating to Android Oyunlar then please let us know in the comments section. And, you can visit to download apk files or read many other useful blogs. Thanks!

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