[SOLVED] Do I need phone service for DSL?

Before we know whether buying a phone service is essential for making DSL internet service function or not, we first need to understand the framework of DSL. This information will help you understand how DSL operates. But when it comes to DSL, let us find out how it works and if it needs phone services to work or not.

How DSL works?

Simply put, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) uses telephone wires to offer internet service to its customers. You can still use your phone for calling when using the internet at the same time. DSL internet service is best for internet phone calls and all the usual online activities. It serves its customers with a private connection from office to home and if we mention a DSL internet provider, then CenturyLink internet will be the best option, to understand how it works, we have provided all the details.

For making DSL internet service work, the dial-up connection isn’t needed to ensure you are the only one using your internet. You can enjoy DSL services without worrying about the phone being used or getting disconnected for the same reason.

What sets DSL apart from other internet services?

It is a common opinion that Cable and satellite internet at times are not that good while handling heavy traffic and peak hours. As a DSL user, you’ll not notice a lag in your online activities if the internet goes slow because of more traffic at any given point.

The interesting this is: You can use the DSL internet if you don’t have a home phone; yes, you can!

You can utilize the internet through wireless connectivity. The Wi-Fi feature allows you to connect to the internet without a wired connection. As mentioned earlier, your DSL service doesn’t require phone service to work. If your internet service provider doesn’t offer you this feature, you might need a phone service to set the Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, DSL allows you to use the internet without a phone line, so you just need a Wi-Fi device and set-up.

The latest internet services which include fiber, satellite, cable, and DSL allow the users to use the internet without the compulsion of having a home phone service to make them work. DSL is available in almost every area but for some, it can be slower and relatively less reliable than cable or fiber internet.

Cable and Fiber internet offers the fastest internet speeds at the moment, the internet downloads and uploads speed, prices, and accessibility have a lot to do with the type of the internet. Wire-based internet networks, based on their infrastructure, can get lightning-fast speed to their customers. This is the reason, cable and fiber services require an underground network of wires from the cell to the customers which includes cost and labor. Contrary to it, for using DSL internet, you don’t need to set up a home phone service at all. If you have a phone jack, you can contact the company to set up your internet connection.

Do you need a landline for the internet?

You don’t need a phone service or a phone jack to use fiber, cable, or satellite internet. The same does not apply to the DSL internet as it requires a phone jack to render the internet services. Don’t worry because the phone jack alone is enough; you still don’t need to get phone service. People call it “Naked DSL” – it is so because you are using the phone jack but not the phone service. Also, you aren’t paying for the phone service separately!

Conclusive Notes

As per the above-mentioned discussion and facts, we can easily conclude that DSL services don’t need phone services to function. Plus, you don’t have to worry about additional phone bills nor phone influencing your internet connection’s connectivity. DSL also gives its users an added advantage due to its nature of services, it doesn’t get affected by extreme or any weather nor will you have to face any sluggish internet performance during certain peak hours. DSL internet may not be as fast as fiber or cable internet when compared, but it is considered as one of the fastest internet connections.