[SOLVED] 10 Ways When Smartphone Helps Students to Learn Better

The development and fame of smartphones have significantly shifted the style in which people connect and acquire information.

Using a small device, you can browse a casual question and text your friends about the missed task. Moreover, you can also tell your friends that you’d prefer to take them out for dinner. Yet, the motive behind a smartphone has joined far beyond the capacity to call somebody while associated with a rope.

It is a valuable device that plays an important educational role for students to learn better. It may significantly offer freedom to learn in unexpected ways. As this small device will always be with you, you will always have a chance to learn regardless of where you are.

See here how. We have mentioned ten ways when smartphone helps students to learn better to achieve their goals;

10 Ways When Smartphone Helps Students to Learn Better

1- Stick to Your Assignments/Essays

Using internet accessibility, you will always be associated with your learning board framework. For instance, Cornerstone University utilizes Moodle to see all their assignments, essays, thesis, and other resources or discussion media. You can get it by searching WriteMyEssayOnline. This Moodle is highly user-friendly and easily accessible. You can use it whenever you want, either on a laptop or a smartphone.

2. Record Lectures

Some students have a tight time making their notes. Even sometimes, they could not attend their regular class and pay attention to their lectures. Here a cell phone recording feature is helpful. Using it, you can entirely record your lecture to listen to and prepare it later.

3. Note Taking Applications

You can create a separate folder from your Facebook, Bible, and Solitaire apps and get some usefulness-centered applications. These apps will help you to access your notes easily. For example,  Google DriveEvernote, and Dropbox will help you to save important files on your smartphone to get them at any time and place.

4. Tune in To Podcasts

Podcasts help to exchange ideas, information, stories to intrigue and educate others. Students can find digital recordings on any subject, including health, technology, science, and business. You will enjoy learning while listening to it.

5. Record Video Presentations

As all smartphones landed with a video camera which is of high useability. It will help you to record quality videos and present your video presentation within no time.

6. Monitor Your Calendar

Your cell phone calendar will keep you informed about the upcoming dates of your assignments, meetings, and other tasks. In this way, you can prepare for them before the end time and avoid falling behind. You can also set reminders to recall something.

7. Study Your Books

If you have a digitally printed book on your smartphone, you can read them while traveling or whenever you want. For example, the Kindle and other eBook applications will provide you with different sorts of books according to your interest. You can also listen to the audiobooks of traditionally printed textbooks.

8. Research Your Questions

Using your cell phone, you can connect to an online librarian to finalize your research project. Cornerstone supports the students to communicate with a librarian through texts, email, or call. Hence, you can get your desired question’s answers within a few minutes to do your assignment research in the best way.

9. Set A Timer

If you could not focus on your assigned tasks at school or home, your mobile phone will help you in this scenario. Its stopwatch function will let you set a timer for the duration of a task. When the timer stops, it means you can move to something else. This timer will keep you committed to staying organized for all your activities.

10. Contact Your Professor

Regardless of whether you have an inquiry on a task or will be feeling the loss of an evening class, there are times where you’ll have to communicate with your educator at the initial accessibility. Here you will find the most attentive function of a smartphone; communication. You can call, text, or email your professor and discuss your problem and get help.


A smartphone is the most valuable and essential device of the present age. Rather than calling your family or friends, it plays a vital role in making you a smarter student to meet your achievements. As discussed above, it is a great companion for basic to advanced study tasks, either remembering the assignment date or doing the research to do the assignment. It gives you desired time flexibility for ease of study. Having it will let you study while traveling or walking. And if you are a distant learner, then the role of a smartphone is doubled. From attending online classes to receive the exam schedule, all are covered by a cell phone.