SOLVED! Best Site to Download APK Files

Sometimes, an Android app you want to install is not available on Google Play. This can happen for a number of reasons: perhaps it’s geo-restricted, it could contain adult content, or the developer might have removed it. You need to sideload APK files if you still want to install it on your device.  Several sites offer APK files for download. Some are better than others, so keep reading to discover the best site to download APK files.

best site to download apk files
Sideloading APK files

As an Android user, I not only want to experience apps and games on mobile but also want to try them on the PC platform. Therefore, APK is no longer unfamiliar to me. I often headed to Google and entered the APK file name that I wanted to download, and chosen randomly a site to download APK file. However, as I read, because the APK files install apps directly on your system, they can arise serious security threats. Hackers can modify the APK before you install it, then use it to run malware on your device. Thus, you need to ensure that the site you use is reliable. I have recently found a site that’s reliable and provides original and pure APK files. It’s ApkToVi, my post will show you how this site is the best site to download APK files.

best site to download apk files
Best site to download APK files

It provides a complete collection of apps, game same as Google Play.

It provides a huge collection of apps, games for every Android device like smartphones, TV, cars, and so on… With the latest versions, as well as the older version based on the user’s demands. There are about 3.7 million apps and games are available, which are similar to the number of apps and games on Google Play. The categories are clear and orderly organized so that users can easily find their favorite genres.

It allows users to download all type of APK files and have detailed instruction for each

It provides both APK with OBB, APK with variants, and APK Bundle. Each app or game will have all app versions for users to choose and detailed tutorials with description by writing- posts, pictures, and even video clips on how to install for new users. The technical requirements of each game or app are also displayed to make it easy for users. Rate or feedbacks to developers is also available to advance the apps or games.

Latest version for all apps

It always updates the latest version from Google Play, the fastest compared to the sites in the APK field. The teams regularly check and update the applications for the website.

Smooth experience 

Rated at a fast pace by the Alexa tool, It provides the users with the best experience on the web. The access speed of the site is 81% faster than that of other websites, not just in the APK field. 

2 useful tools for downloading APK files

It supports checking the safety of APK files through the APK signature verification tool, and the tool APK downloader for downloading APK files. 


To sum up, that’s all about the best site to download APK files that I want to introduce to you.

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