SOLVED! APK Downloader- Best tool for downloading APK

APK download is now no longer unfamiliar with Android users, but the most effective way to download APK is still a matter of debate. People download APK for various purposes, both using or developing purposes and there are many means to download APK files. However, how to search and download an original and pure APK file is a big question. My post will introduce to you the best way to download APK files by APK Downloader.  

APK downloader
APK Downloader


It’s often believed that downloading on Google Play will be more convenient. With a few simple steps, users can easily install the apps on Google Play. However, downloading APK files is the best way in some cases:

  • Your Google Play got errors or your Google account can’t be logged.
  • There are some apps restricted by some countries and regions. 
  • The device’s Android version is not equivalent to the requirements of the apps.
  • To utilize the app on PC with the assistance of Android emulator software.
  • To choose the particular version that you want to download. 

To easily download APK files, you can use APK Downloader. Keep reading to have an overview of the benefits of using APK Downloader and how to use APK Downloader. 


What is APK Downloader?

APK Downloader is a 3rd-party tool for APK & OBB downloading from Google Play Store. It provides you with the simplest tool to download the latest versions and the older versions of any Android app on both your Android devices and your desktop. 

What are the benefits of using APK Downloader?

  • Freemium tool: 

You can download your favorite Android Apps with APK Downloader (Free apps only), now this tool has an online version to make it more convenient for users. Many websites providing APK files have APK Downloader for users.

  • Safe tool: 

The APK Downloader downloads the original, and pure APK files directly from the Google Play. 

  • Effective tool: 

APK Downloader provides users with all versions of apps, APK+ OBB, APK Bundle, even restricted apps. Your download will work automatically.

How to use APK Downloader?

APK Downloader allows users to enter the app name, package name or package ID of an app into the search bar to search. However, to have the best result, I recommend entering the package name or package ID of an application. In this post, I will use APK Downloader on a third- party site.

  • Step 1: Access Google Play Store from your browser on your PC.
  • Step 2: Enter the app name into the search bar of the Play Store. For example, I want to download PUBG mobile.
  • Step 3: Find APK Downloader or follow the link You can copy this URL of Google Play or just copy the package name of PUBG mobile and then paste it into the search bar of APK Downloader. The package name of an app usually appears behind the symbol “=” of the URL. In this example, the package name of PUBG mobile is “com.vng.pubgmobile&hl=en”
Package name PUBG
The package name of PUBG mobile
  • Step 4: After pasting the URL or package name of an app, let’s Enter or click on the blue Download button. You will be sent to the page which contains the APK files. 
APK downloader
APK Downloader 
  • Step 5: Now you can download APK file or APK+OBB file into your devices


To sum up, that’s all about APK Downloader, hope that will be helpful for you. Good luck!

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