SOLVED! Advantages of using Node JS in programing nowaday

Surviving in today’s modern world requires having a knack for dealing with different tools and technologies. The web development industry is growing by leaps and bounds and this surely calls for one to make the most out of it. At present, the web development space is considered one of the youngest yet most profitable realms worldwide. You can take any industry into account whether its education or healthcare or finance or media and entertainment or travel, web development projects are being conducted among each one of these and that too on a daily basis. 

Well, the rising demand for web development projects has led to the birth of a plethora of web development companies that constantly keep an eye on the present and emerging technologies such as PHP, angular, Nodejs, Vue, and so more. And not to mention that you will come across several posts that offer relevant information on what are the Node js best practices that one must follow to get the best possible results. Well, the following post is no different, it focuses on Node.js advantages. So let’s get started!

Introducing Node.js

Though Node.js is not a new kid in town, however, it has been one of the most popular programming languages since its inception. The javascript runtime environment was first released in 2009 and today after almost two decades, the tech stack has been backing up some of the most prominent brands such as PayPal, Yahoo, Netflix, Uber, LinkedIn, Walmart, Twitter, eBay, Trello and the list goes on. This also means that any company, irrespective of its vertical can leverage node.js advantages and end up being popular across the globe.

As mentioned earlier, you will come across a wide range of tech stacks, so before even you begin contacting your development team, it is advisable to choose the right one prior. Your decision can have both positive and negative impacts on your existing system. Now you must be wondering how? Well, you can prioritize these technologies on the basis of their scalability, learning curve, speed, performance, SEO-friendliness, how huge is their community and so forth. In today’s time technology is one such thing that cannot be avoided at any rate so in that case, you have only one option left. It has to be adopted.

To be precise, Nodejs is a cross-platform runtime environment that is considered open-source but still is known for its commendable performance. Built successfully on the V8 engine, Nodejs features low javascript code, node package manager, event loop, seamlessly handling incoming requests, non-blocking I/O paradigm, minimum viable product, active community and whatnot.

By using node.js, javascript developers can easily create fast, scalable web applications that are best in regards to everything performance, speed, etc. If you want to develop real-time applications or chat app development, message applications, social media apps, streaming websites, game app development, APIs, collaboration tools then Nodejs is the best tech to consider for server-side or backend development.

Now further I would like to mention why Node.js seems to be one of the most irresistible open-source runtime environment tech stacks? In short, time to consider Node.js advantages or why you must consider it to conduct backend development?

Node.js advantages and Why it is Favorable for Js Developers WorldWide?

1. Javascript Code is easy to learn

Having one of the most gentle learning or no steep learning curve, Node.js is very easy to learn. And maybe that’s the reason why all js developers tend to use Node for web application development. Also, the code is easy to grasp, one must know the Object-Oriented Programming basics.

In fact, lots and lots of information, tutorials and interactive courses have been shared on the Web over these years. So even if you choose an amateur or less experienced javascript developer, fret not he will be able to find some help instantly. Apart from this Node is such a tech that works both ways client-side and server-side, so it becomes extremely easy for the development team to work on web application projects. As mentioned earlier, one of the astounding Node.js advantages includes fewer lines of code. In comparison to other technologies, developers can reuse the code as many times as they want. One code works at different times.

2. Highly Scalable Runtime environment

Scalability is another aspect when it comes to considering the benefits of node.js. Apart from development, scaling the applications becomes way easier. Whether it’s in the vertical or horizontal direction, any and every web apps using the server-side programming can be scaled easily.

In fact, it may quite interest you to know that Node.js does enable the development team to add, new resources and this is possible especially while vertical scaling the application. So yes, high scalability is quite one of the advantages of node.js.

3. Community

Backed by the huge and active community is another astounding benefits of node.js. Whenever you conduct any web app development project, chances are very high of your app development team making a mistake or getting stuck somewhere in between. Here’s the time when having an active community plays a significant role. The community of Node comprises a wide range of programmers and designers who know the tech stack inside out and tend to come up with the best possible solutions in regards to server-side programming.

So yes having a wide and strong community by your side can ensure seamless and quick web app development. After all not all javascript developers are experienced enough to deal with unseen or unexpected issues.

4. Speed and Performance

Now speed and performance are two different aspects and Node.js thoroughly excels at both of them. Whether it’s frontend or backend development or full-stack development, Node tech enables server-side developers to leave no stone unturned when it comes to developing high-end solutions for their valued clients. Technically speaking, the JavaScript code via Google’s V8 JavaScript engine ensures that the developed web applications or mobile apps are intimidating and feature-rich.

Now coming back to speed, non-blocking, input-output operations is the reason behind this benefit of Node.js. The js code running quickly makes it possible to develop web apps in a pre-determined time.

5. Fast-to-market-development

Last but not least reason why you must consider Node.js for your next software development project is to reduce time to market. In the present scenario, one cannot afford to lose time.  Fortunately, we have such a js development company that understands these concepts well and ensure the development of web apps in the pre-determined timeframe. Now Node.js being lightweight in nature ensures that the development speed is phenomenal. Also, your web app development team can get instant access to tons of libraries, free tools, js modules and resources for instant and productive results.

So speedy development leads to the speedy launch of the project and you can gain an instant cutting edge over your competitors.

In a nutshell,

This is it for now! Of course, there are several other advantages of node.js but these are the top five ones that must be taken into consideration. If you still have further doubts or queries, feel free to mention that in the comment section below.

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