SOLVED! A guide to download and install APK Bundle

If you often install Android apps via APK files, you may be very familiar with some APK terms such as APK and OBB. However, have you ever encounter APK Bundle? If so, do you know how to use this type of file to install apps successfully? In today’s article, we are going to show you quick instructions to download and install APK Bundle on Android and PC.

Now, let’s get started!

Note before downloading and installing APK Bundle

Enable Unknown sources feature

Since many Android systems often block app installation from unknown sources including APK files, activating unknown sources feature is vital for APK Bundle downloading process. These steps only change a setting and won’t affect the security features on your phone, so you don’t have to worry too much.

Depending on the Android version, the guide on turning on Unknown sources will be different. You can access Settings on your phone to see the Android version, then follow these steps below to enable Unknown sources.

On Android 7.0 and lower

Navigate to Settings > Lock screen and security (Or Security) > Unknown Sources > OK

download and install APK Bundle
Allow Unknown Sources on Android version 7.0 and lower

On Android 8.0+

Access to Settings, then choose Biometrics and Security > Install Unknown Apps. Next, tap on the apps that you want to allow installations from the third-party providers and toggle the switch next to Allow from this source.

download and install apk bundle
Allow Unknown Sources on Android version 8.0 and higher

Supporting tools for APK Bundle installation

In order to ensure that there are no disruptions throughout the installation, don’t forget to install Split APKs Installer app (aka SAI) and ES File Explorer on your device (either smartphone or emulator like BlueStack). You can easily get these apps via Google Play or apk files.

In addition to this, to help you guys easily follow the instructions, we will use Mad Dragon Defense APK Bundle.

download and install apk bundle
Mad Dragon Defense APK Bundle

How to download and install APK Bundle

On Android smartphones

  1. Open a browser on your phone and access to ApktoVi, then search for Mad Dragon Defense 
  2. Next, tap on the button DOWNLOAD APK BUNDLE
  3. When the downloading process finishes, access ES File Explorer > Local > Internal Storage > Download. You’ll see a zip file of  Mad Dragon Defense.

    download and install apk bundle
    Local > Internal Storage > Download
  4. Long press on this file and select More > EXTRACT TO > OK

    split apk installer
    More > EXTRACT TO > OK
  5. Open SAI > Install APKs and select the folder containing Mad Dragon Defense file. It’s often located on the folder Download

    Split apks installer
    Find the installing file
  6. Ignore the zip file and tap on the normal file. The component inside that file will appear. Then, tick all the boxes and choose Select
split apk installer
Choose files to install
  1. A pop-up box will appear and ask whether you want to install the app or not. Tap on Install

    Split apk installer
    Start installing
  2. Wait for a few seconds, then you’ll see a notification saying that the app has been installed. You can tap on Open to access it or press OK the close the box
split apk installer
Complete the installation

On desktop

download and install apk bundle
Mad Dragon Defense APK Bundle on PC

Note: Unlike Android smartphones, you don’t need to activate Unknown sources to download APK files on Android emulators platforms.

However, bear in mind that you still need to install ES File Explorer and SAI on the emulator program on your PC/laptop. Besides, the tutorial of APK Bundle installation is similar to the one on Android phones, You just need to open your emulator and follow the tutorial below:

  1. Open a browser on your phone and access to the website above then search for Mad Dragon Defense 
  2. Select DOWNLOAD APK BUNDLE, a zip file will be downloaded to your device.
  3. After the download ends, open ES File Explorer on BlueStacks or your emulator
  4. Click on Local > Internal Storage > Download and long-press on the zip file of  Mad Dragon Defense 
  5. After that, select More > EXTRACT TO > OK
  6. Wait a few seconds for the system to extract the zip file. Then, access SAI > Install APKs > Download and select the normal file of Mad Dragon Defense (remember to choose the normal files)
  7. Click on the Select button after ticking all the boxes. Next, choose to Install to continue.
  8. A notification will happen when the installation ends. Click on Open to start playing that game right on your PC.

The final word

So far, you’ve been informed about how to download and install APK Bundle. Hopefully, our sharing will be useful for you. Thanks for reading and supporting our team.

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