SOLVED! 9 Fixes for Instagram Feed Not Loading Error

Instagram is one of the top social media networks these days. In fact, it has arguably had more of an impact in recent times than any other platform, apart from perhaps Twitter. While Instagram was acquitted by Facebook a couple of years ago, it is a whole other creature. This is especially true for millennials and Gen Z, who love the image-sharing aspect. They can scroll through their feeds and see aspirational lives, small businesses, inspiring stories, and attractive people in one go. A lot of Instagram celebrities have even made it big and may have their own shows you can see on your Spectrum cable channels.

So, it’s easy to see that Instagram plays an important part in many people’s lives. Therefore, when the feed is not working or the app does not work, it can be quite frustrating. This can be due to a number of reasons, from backend server issues to device problems. In most cases, there may be some sort of issue or the other with your device or network. You need to troubleshoot through a few solutions, and then you’ll probably be able to access your feed again.

Update Instagram App

First of all, you need to update your Instagram app, if you haven’t done so recently. Many of you may have automatic updates disabled, and may not have the latest version of the app. Therefore, this is the first thing you should check.

Check Internet Connection

Then, you must check your internet connection. Often, it may be down or slow for one reason or the other. Go into your device’s Wi-Fi and Networks menu and confirm your connectivity status. In addition, when you’re home, switch off your network data, so that your connection does not automatically switch between the two over and over again. This can also cause issues with your Instagram feed, so stick with one network type at a time for the best results.

Clear Cache & Data

This is one of the most common solutions to the feed not loading error. However, it is only applicable for Android devices, so you should see what kind of device you’re using. You can’t do this from the app itself, so you’ll have to go into your phone’s settings.

When you open these settings, you’ll see a separate tab for app settings. Here, click on Instagram and you’ll see the clear cache and data option. Just remember, this will also log you out of Instagram, so make sure you know your username and password before you go for this action.

Restart Phone

In many cases, your phone might be acting up for some reason or the other. Its own cache may be overloaded, or it may simply be overheated due to heavy usage. In such cases, you may have to restart your phone. This is quite simple, and will not need too much effort either.

When your phone boots back up again, its cache will be cleared, and it will get a fresh start. This will help you load your apps more efficiently and with much less background traffic. Restart your phone regularly anyway, as this can be quite helpful in keeping its performance and speed in top shape.

Check Phone Date & Time

These days, all your apps are connected to your phone in a thorough manner and any discrepancies may cause issues. For example, if the date and time on your phone don’t match the actual time, then apps may act up and won’t load posts that don’t match the right dates and times.

Therefore, you should check your smartphone’s date and time and fix them if there are any issues. In addition, you should just automate it, so that it updates its time and date according to any location you’re in.

Check Data Consumption

You should also check how much data you’ve consumed if you use your mobile network to scroll through Instagram. Often, your feed may simply not be loading because you don’t have any data. Go into your phone’s data settings and see how much data you’ve used up. Also, check how much data is left on your packages.

If you’ve consumed your data limit, then you should buy more data or subscribe to upgraded packages. In addition, don’t use your data when you’re at home. Whenever you can, use safe Wi-Fi networks instead of network data to scroll through your feeds.

Reinstall App

Next, you should reinstall your app if most of these solutions are not working. In many cases, there may be a simple glitch in your app that can easily be resolved if you reinstall it. This will barely take any time, as long as you have access to a decent network connection.

Simply delete the app and then reinstall it from the relevant app store. You might have to log in again, so you should remember your credentials. Once you do this, you’ll probably see your feed properly again. This is often the case when you have an older version of the app and haven’t been updating it regularly either.

Check Phone Storage

You should check your phone storage and see whether that is hampering your app performance. In many cases, if your phone does not have enough storage, it won’t load any images. Check your phone’s memory consumption regularly, and clear any extra or useless files you don’t really need anymore.

This should clear up your storage, and let you load your Instagram feed properly again. Check your storage regularly anyway to keep your phone working at its best.

Accept Content Warnings

Sometimes, Instagram itself may have restricted you due to a report or content warning. Go into your Instagram settings and check for any alerts you may have received. Usually, you’ll just have to read the alerts and click okay to proceed. Just make sure you don’t repeat your offenses, as it may result in you getting banned from the platform.

To sum up, there are many ways to resolve the Instagram not loading error. Most of these are quite simple and will resolve our problems quite quickly.

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